Saturday, February 26, 2011

mad shout out

Wow, playing catch up on all of our wedding stuff was a daunting task and I'm kind of exhausted by it!

Now that I've officially blogumented our wedding weeks *get it? 'blogged' and 'documented'... yeah, I totally made up a word and I think it deserves a line in the dictionary* I can get back to our oh so exciting life *things have been so boring lately* and real time life happenings.


Notice a change to my blog? Like, a massive upgrade in appearance?

I owe it all to my bloggy friend Victoria over at Our Love Never Fails.

She volunteered her time to help me and I am beyond thankful.

Not only is Victoria ubber talented on the computer, but she's super crafty and sweet.

Her husband is in the military and she's a proud military wife.

A big thanks to them both!


  1. i love your new blog design..i keep forgetting to tell you that :)

  2. and you're welcome! Now that I am back to blogging again!! :)


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