Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Park City, UT: FIS Ski Championship

Bryan and I got home late last night from an 8 day work week in Park City.
I still can't believe all that we packed into the week.
We worked some of the longest hours out in the cold, sometimes 14 hour days! But we still squeezed in time to go out to dinner and spend time with my family.
It was a nice paid vacation ;)
Night 1 our boss took all of us out to No Name Saloon
View from our balcony at The Lodges at Deer Valley
Most of the pro skiiers were staying at our lodge. Each country had a stahl in the lodge parking garage where they worked on their team skies before each day. It was pretty cool...
Workin' at Deer ValleyI met Jean Paul, mastermind and face of the Paul Mitchell brandIt warmed up to -9 degrees, and trust me... this was warmer because earlier that day it was -30 degrees and we were working OUTSIDE!
Bryan and I got the night off and didn't have to work Opening Ceremonies, so we headed down to Main St. to grab a drink at Doolan's and watch the festivities.
It was so cold, in the negatives, so we didn't stay out long...
Check out that beauty of an Explorer lit up in the background!Park City's Main St. is so cute
Hollie and I seriously ran into a moose at The Canyons and then chased it down to get a good view... it was beyond close and it was huge!
Bill and Joe aka "Team Guido" from Season 1 of Amazing Race
These guys were obsessed with our booth and our free hot chocolate!
Hollie and I shuttled them around in the Explorer too... We celebrated Chinese New Year with my uncle, aunt and little cousins. They recently moved to Park City and I was fortunate to be able to see them 3 times this week. They even came to visit us at work and check out what we do... and brought me a piping hot chai tea... there's nothin' like family!
Bryan freezing his bajeezes off while riding up to Deer Valley from our lodge... not quite sure why he sat in the bed.. there was plenty of room in the truck
Arial finals
We took a break from work and headed down to Main St. Pizza and Noodles for a little dinner before we had to tear down our event later that night Hollie and Eli are our good friends who we met through work several years back. Our jobs are so out there in left field that it's really nice to have friends who understand every aspect of our crazy life! We spent all week together and love every chance we get to see them!
The FIS Ski Championship was broadcast nationwide on NBC nightly.
The event is a qualifier for the Olympics and is the World Cup of Skiing.
We were honored to be part of it, along with Ford, who is the main sponsor of the championship.


  1. sounds like so much fun. and looks beautiful. i would totally chase down the moose too just to get a photo and prove i saw it LOL
    your job sounds like so much fun, so many adventures...i love it :)
    btw is the new explorer nice? hubby has been interested in it through internet and tv, but we havent seen it in person. you recommend?

  2. Wow, I thankful for the 20s now! Looks like beautiful scenery!

  3. That's awesome! What company do you work with?


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