Monday, February 14, 2011

How It All Began.... A Trip Down Memory Lane

Because today is Valentine's Day and this is a lovey-dovey time of year... I'm gonna to chronicle our relationship milestones the next couple weeks
Bryan was living in north Orange County.
I was living in downtown San Diego.
There was 100 miles and a 2 hour drive separating us.
Bryan drove down to San Diego for our 1st date on December 8, 2007.
It was a dark, cold and drizzly night.
I wore a black turtle neck and flats (LOL! Turtleneck?? Flats? Clearly I wasn't trying to look hot!).
I remember him pulling into my parking lot in his white lifted Silverado.
His truck made him seem to be not my type.
It was too typical.
I wasn't nervous.
He was.
We walked up a few blocks to Hennessey's in Gas Lamp for dinner.
I knew people who worked there so I knew that if Bryan was a weirdo, I'd be okay.
I was okay.
Holiday Bowl at Chargers Stadium (our 1st photo together) Firehouse in Pacific Beach
Ducks game in Anaheim
Wine tasting in Temecula
Padres game in San Diego
Although all of these were not formal dates, and sometimes my friends were around, they were the beginning of our memories together.
We've always done such fun, unique and memorable things together.
Oh how glad I am that Bryan never let me push him away... because we all know I tried!
I would also like to add that Bryan no longer owns any of the shirts worn in every one of these photos. I hated his wardrobe when we started dating, but I didn't have any say. When I got to the point to where I had say, it was all donated to Goodwill! Doesn't that blue button up shirt make you just cringe?

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  1. How in the world did you remember what you wore on your first date? I'm glad he never let you push him away, too - I got a beautiful, sweet daughter-in-law because of his persistence!


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