Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Louis: PR Event

We had a PR event in St. Louis, so we also spent our days off there. It was seriously an AWESOME 2.5 days!
My friend Libby made the drive from Decatur, IL to visit me. About 5 years ago Lib and I were on a year long tour together. We created many lasting memories on the road together and became good friends throughout that year. I was so excited for a girls night -- We went on a shopping spree and then had dinner at CPK - YUMZ!
Thanks for visiting me Libster!
Oh, and if you're wondering.... Bryan went to Dave and Busters to watch Monday night football with the guys. He was in all his glory.. as was I! The next day Bryan and I slept in and relaxed at our hotel and then went for a walk along the Missouri River in St. Charles. St. Charles is really the most perfectly quaint and historic small town with a charming Main St. and a picturesque waterfront. Louis and Clark put it on the map back in the early 1800s when they were mapping out routes to the west. Bryan and I have both been to St. Charles several times and have adored it each time we're there.
We truly feel blessed to experience this country together, and places like this -- the heart and soul of America -- remind us of our continued blessings.

It's fall, ya'll!
The next day we headed into St. Louis for a Cardinals vs Pirates game. Bryan, who was drafted by the Cubs out of high school, is in all his glory when at a baseball game.
I love the atmosphere of America's passtime, but honestly... I think baseball's pretty boring.
It's Bryan's first love.
He gets giddy when at a new park.
This was his 16th ballpark out of all 30 throughout the country.
I love going with him and seeing his face light up with each pitch!

Kiener Plaza in the heart St. Louis
Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month
This is where our PR event was located
We just can't get enough of Historic St. Charles, so we went back one last time.
We ate on Main St. at Little Hills Restaurant.
This cute cute cute restaurant is also a winery, which is right up my alley!
They have a peaceful water feature and 2 large fire pits that you can dine around. We opted to dine right near the sidewalk. I had a yummy glass of CATAWBA Blush (that's my shout out home... to Lake Norman) and a tuna salad. Bryan had the meal of his life - the BEST Lobster Ravioli he's ever had EVER! And let me tell you, he's eaten a lot of Lobster Ravioli... if it's on the menu, he orders it.
This was the best and I agree. Gourmet.
This might have been the best, unplanned day we've had in a very long time.
Bryan and I couldn't stop talking about what a memorable day it was.
The only thing to make it truly perfect was to cap it off with an Oreo McFlurry.
Which we did.
I love my hottie hubby's pearly white smile!

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  1. Im from St Louis, 30 yrs, moved to phoenix about 5 yrs ago. Little Hills winery is awesome as well as katy trail, St Charles main street is fun and quaint. And the St Louis Cardinals will always be my love, no baseball is like St Louis baseball :)


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