Monday, September 6, 2010

Detroit: Arts, Beats and Eats

Our 2nd stop on the tour was Detroit for Arts, Beats and Eats which was held in Royal Oak.
I had never really realized how many people I know who are from Detrot until I updated my status on facebook with the fact that I was in Detroit. Funny how none of them live here any longer....
Anyhow, I received several wonderful suggestions of what Bryan and I should do with our free time while in Motor City.
We started our afternoon off at Howes Bayou and ordered the Voo Doo Shrimp, per a friends suggestion. It was a delishes appetizer and a cool atmosphere.
Next we headed off to another suggestion, Redcoat Tavern, for some turkey burgers.
Pure joy. This is one of the many exciting activities that I try not to share with others. What we are doing is testing our simulator to ensure that the hydrolics work properly. We each had to stand on a hydrolic because weight needed to be applied for the test. Doesn't Bryan lok thrilled? Hahahaha! And oh yes, I too and in on the fun!
Clint Black was the headliner of Arts, Beats and Eats and performed on Labor Day. I was SO excited to see him, as he sings the song that Bryan and I danced to at our wedding: I Cross MY Heart.
Love him!

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  1. What a fun adventure you guys are on Kate - looks like a blast! I Cross My Heart was our first dance too :)


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