Sunday, October 3, 2010

Columbia, MO: Roots N Blues N BBQ

Because we spent this weeks days off in St. Louis, Columbia consisted of work work and more work.
The event was held on Mizzou's campus, which is the coolest college town I've been to in a while. The whole area revolves around the school and everyone was so spirited and friendly and fun... and drunk. It made for a super fun couple days of work, and our Explorer was set up next to the Main Stage, where the best blues musician played.
Although this was a Blues festival, Jimmy Wayne was the main act on Friday night. I love me my country music, especially when it's live and it's free! He provided great background music while working... so awesome!

For all of you in California, I know it's HOT outside.
But for us in the midwest, fall has set in.
It was freeeeezing at work on Saturday.
I mean chill in the air, crisp, FREEZING weather.
To stay as warm as possible, I piled on 4 layers of long sleeved shirts and jackets, my scarf and an Explorer buff to keep my ears warm. Bryan quickly pointed out that with my *new Prada's ... part of the St. Louis shopping spree* sunglasses, I looked like a full-on hippy.
I worked like this for our whole 14 hour day and was laughing inside the whole time!

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