Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Night In Louisville

Being that Bryan and I were about to begin our drive from Cincinnati to Memphis, we decided to make a quick stop along the way to meet up with my dad, who was in Louisville on business. Him and his buddy took us out to dinner at Maker's Mark Boubon House & Lounge in downtown Louisville. We sat on the front patio, ordered massive amounts of appetizers, drank some good wine/whiskey and enjoyed the awesome atmosphere that Fourth Street provides.
Not suprisingly, my dads meal wasn't up to par. He requested to speak with a manager who in return gave us each a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant. YAY!!! My dad and his friend gave Bryan and I their gift certificates, so now we have $100 to this rad restaurant. One problem -- who knows when we'll be back in Louisville???
Afterwards we went back to my dad's hotel and watched the rest of the Monday Night Football game in the bar. My brother returned from his event at Churchill Downs and joined us for a quick drink and some overly yummy popcorn before he headed off to bed.
The next day we had lunch with my dad before we hopped in our truck and continued our drive to Memphis.

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