Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nashville, TN: Tennessee State Fair

We are just wrapping up our time here in Nashville and have loved EVERY second of it!
For those of you who know me well, you know what a special place Nashville has in my heart.
I have been to 48 states and have been to every big city in this country, not to mention most of the small cities too. I have travelled my little heart out and have found Nashville to be my favorite small city in the US.
Country music moves me to my core.
I listen to every word and feel each lyric in my soul.
An overwhelming sense of peace comes across me when I am in Nashville and on Broadway. So much so that the last time Bryan and I were in town I began crying...... on the street... for no reason.... and no alcohol was involved. Okay, there was a reason. We were walking on the "other" side of Broadway past a large bar with all of its windows open. Not even 1 person was in this bar, but still, a soloist was playing and sing an accoustic version of my favorite country song, which is somewhat obscure and was never played on the radio. I was overcome by the pure joy I felt in my heart and instantly began crying.
Happy tears.
Content tears.
This town understands me tears.
I am at home tears.
Bryan ran in and tipped the guy. :)
It's bizarre -- I'm just so moved and "at home" when here. Like I said, it's an overwhelming sense of peace and calm, of which I don't feel anywhere else but in Nashville.
With that being said, we have had a memorable and magical several days in this great southern city filled with beer, whiskey, fried pickles, BBQ and of course The State Fair!
Bryan, Colin and I started our crawl off at Tootsies

The Stage

Wildhorse Saloon
Wildhorse Saloon
Doc Hollidays
Cadillac Ranch
The Stage
Colin (right) joined us for our day long pub crawl and Dave (left) joined us that night
The Stage
This guy went up to Bryan and said "I am with the Independent Negro Association for Fried Chicken, not to be confused with the United Negro Association for Fried Chicken. I accept donations of any kind. Remember we are independent."
LP Stadium aka where the Titans play
Now we are off to Indianapolis for a PR day...

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