Monday, October 29, 2012

one of my most favorite dresses i've ever worn

Do you remember when we went to the Riviera Maya back in January?
I wore the below dress and many of you e-mailed me asking where I bought it.
It was from a local boutique and bought summer 2011 with the intention of wearing it to the Country Music Awards in Nashville.
As you know, we had to sell our tickets and couldn't attend the awards show. Read why here.
I was so excited to transition this western dress into a beachy look for Mexico.
Anyhow, the boutique had sold out of it and you all were SOL.

Today is your lucky day!
I was recently browsing ModCloth and came across this nearly identical Stable Scape Dress.
Happy shopping!


  1. What an adorable dress!



  2. Super cute dress!

    We are going to the CMAs on Thursday and I have no.clue. what to wear. I'm thinking just a plain black strapless dress. Is it a pretty dressy affair? I thought I'd have to wear long but I don't think so now. Please come with us!!!

  3. AH!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the modcloth look alike! I'm in love! :)

  4. It IS adorable! Now I'm tempted....great! Hubs is going to love that!

  5. It is really cute! I can't wait to wear little dresses again! :)

  6. Adorable! Can't wait to check out ModCloth!

  7. love the dress as well!!!!



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