Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 dolla make you holla!

Aren't my little scarecrows just darling?
I have 6 of them in front of my house and thought I'd share their cost...

$1.00 from Dollar Tree!


  1. the dollar tree is an amazing thing. i've gotten 2 friends "birthday baskets" from there for $5. #BallinOnABudget

  2. Eeek I have these and I LOVE THEM!!

  3. MOMMA DUKES AND I ARE ALWAYS HITTING UP THE C-TOWN DOLLAR STORE!! It's a good one, I even got my plates and bowls from there for my last apartment and ALWAYS got compliments on them.

  4. Those are seriously adorable! We spent like $25 bucks on a scarecrow from Hobby Lobby last year, lol... never again!!!

  5. So glad you shared this...i've been looking for some inexpensive fall decorations, and now I know where to go!!

  6. Are you kidding only 1 dollar! I just found your blog through a friend and I love it! I can't wait to be your newest follower. I am new to blogging but I can't wait to follow each others adventures. You dog looks so much like mine :)
    Kallee Mae


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