Wednesday, February 1, 2012

riviera maya: working vacation

The Barcelo Maya all-inclusive is a compound resort unlike any other. There are 5 Barcelo hotels on this 1 property, all ranging in price. 

We were fortunate to not only stay at the high end hotel called Barcelo Palace Deluxe, but we were given "Club Premium" access which includes private check in/out, top shelf drinks, an exclusive lounge, free wireless internet, personalized concierge services and free bottles of tequila and champagne in room. Best believe I brought the 30 proof tequila home with me! 

I must admit that although we had impeccable service and the Palace Deluxe was refined and elegant, Bryan and I preferred the "life and style" of the middle range hotel, Barcelo Colonial - It was alluring, vibrant, livable and full of action. We agree that we would always stay at the Palace Deluxe, but would make a point to spend time at Colonial on future stays.

There is definitely something for everyone at this property and all in all, the compound was just marvelous. Exactly what one would want when wanting to escape to paradise! 

Day 1

Group Dinner

Day 2

Suite Shoot
Presidential Suite Shoot
Shannon and I
Sunset Shoot
Group Dinner

Day 3

Playa Azul
Room Shoot
Group Dinner

Day 4

Adult Pool Shoot
Lobby Shoot
Will and Shannon with us - hurry up and wait was the name of the game... oh, and drink!
Bryan's 30th birthday dinner celebration!
Fantastic french onion soup
Apple Crepe and the most neat hand towels we'd ever seen!

Day 5

Bryan walking the beach
Wedding Shoot
Restaurant Shoot
BBC's are the best!
Group Dinner followed by Discotheque Shoot
Day 6

Suite Shoot
standard for the week - laptop, over stuffed bag and champagne
waitin' on a woman... story of his life!
Pool Shoot
Playing in the kids pool -- Yes, we got kicked out. Woops!
Our last Group Dinner which included the coolest sake bombs I'd ever seen, totally different than here in the states!
Individual Sapporo's served in an ice bucket? I like it!
Lobby Bar Drinks
With Walter, the talented photographer and our new friend
Last group picture :(

We truly had an unforgettable and delightful working vacation in the Maya. We were kept on our toes, busy and on a schedule the entire week. I feel as if I grew as a person throughout this short experience. Bryan and I were both pushed out of our comfort zones and forced to do things that were simple, yet challenging. I love feeling challenged and accomplished. And we had tons of fun along the way!

The resort website with our images won't go live for many months. Although I felt like a fool most of the week, I have faith in the talented producers and cameramen that the revamped website will be nothing but beautiful!


  1. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?!?! OMG I'm getting married there.. Well plan on it that is! Tell me all about it!

  2. "Best believe I brought the 30 proof tequila home with me!" <<< that totally got me!!!

    These photos are so beautiful! I know you must LOVE what you do!

    Kate, the body! #thatisall

  3. 1. still jealous.
    2. you're hot.
    3. love your olive/khaki colored dress
    4. still jealous.
    5. you're still hot.

  4. My hubby and I went to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon. The pictures look fabulous, and make me want to go back ASAP! Definitely jealous :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! You need to do a post about your outfits and where you got everything from. I want every single dress you wore!

  6. That is so awesome that you two had the opportunity to do that!

  7. Man alive that looks fun, as always you looked amazing. And your outfits, well, I want them all. :)

  8. wow, wow, wow! looks like such a fabulous trip! love all the pictures!

    and your outfits! i just love every single piece you wore! you have the best style :)

  9. You definitely need to let us all know when they are live on the website!

  10. What an amazing experience- when will we get to see the pictures on their website?

  11. you look like you had the best time!!! so relaxing and tranquil--perfect beach vacay and you totally made me jealous...i need some sun STAT! ;)

  12. such an amazing opportunity!! Photos are wonderful

  13. Ok all the dresses in this post need to be relocated to my closet:) Looks like you had so much fun and I love your hair this color. You look gorgeous!!!!

  14. Im so jealous of your trip!! And Damn you for being so hot. Brian. you are a lucky man!

  15. We went to Riviera Maya for our Honeymoon (stayed at a Secrets resort) and it was wonderful! Your pictures are gorgeous! I really love that dress from day 2!

  16. omg looksssssss amazingggggggg!! glad i understand now that this is not for your everyday job ;) but still.. looks like you had an absolute BLAST!

  17. you are gorgeous!I love love your dress from day two and five! and the picture of you and the hubby kissing on the slide is adorable!

  18. ahhh girl you looked like you had such a great time :) and yes i agree where on earth did you get that dress from day 5? that def looks like something i could attempt to pull off for my rehearsal dinner. i'm going to riviera maya for my honeymoon! hope its as gorgeous as you say it is!

  19. I'm so jealous--what a fun getaway, and to get PAID while you're there??? EVEN BETTER! What exactly do you do? What were all those fabulous shoots for?

  20. Ugh, I am SO JEALOUS. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous hubby, gorgeous house, and what looks like a tough but rewarding job with AMAZING opportunities. Not to mention I've always had a penchant for acting so now I'm super jealous that you guys got to be actors/models ;)

  21. You are gorgeous , Kate! Ok I need to know where you are shopping and finding your ridiculously cute clothes! Specifically the off- shoulder lace top you are wearing with shorts and then the low cute blue dress....and go!


  22. so jealous! Still. And yall are the hottest couple ever, which I've said a million times over and will say a million times over again. LOVE that one dress that dinner dress from day 2. Well, I loved them all but that one stands out in my head.

  23. ok girlfran...could you be any hotter?? look at your freakin amazing bod in those bikini photos. umm....smoking!

    loving all your outfits! where are you finding those adorable dresses? and i diggin the swim suit too.

    i saw your pics on fbook...and i saw the wedding photo and of course i thought "oh they went to some awesome destination wedding" but this trip was waaaay more than that. what a great opportunity for the both of you.

    soooo jealous!! next time please pack me in your suitcase :-)

  24. The resort is beautiful and you are gorgeous girl!!! I love your sundress from Day 3!

  25. what a trip of a lifetime! so much fun - and the fact that you are now tan in winter makes me 10,000 shades of jealous - well that and your amazing wardrobe! seriously - you have perfect taste!

  26. how fun!!! looks like you guys had an amazing time...loved all of your outfits & bright necklaces:)

  27. the two of y'all look like little movie stars!! And how cool with the photo shoot ... Great gig.

  28. Y'all definitely take the cake for BEST JOB EVER!!!!

  29. What an AMAZING experience! Love the pictures you two are adorable!

  30. Looks absolutely beautiful! I'm sure the new site will be stunning! Glad you had fun!

  31. such gorge3ous pictures!1 you look lovely :))

    xoxo hanz

  32. WOW. Those pictures are all STUNNING! I love it. I need to get married there!!!

    Found your blog through Desiree's blog - I'm your newest follower!


  33. all i can say is WOW!
    amazing photos! amazing blog!

    you my love are simply AMAZING

    easily a new favorite

    definitely now following you!!
    follow back ?


  34. Omg that looks like the most amazing vacation EVER!!

  35. OH MY WORD!!!! You seriously have an amazing career!!!! What a fun experience. AND you get to be at the beach and tan during the winter ;)
    Sounds like you had a blast!!!
    Also, where do you shop, your clothes are super cute! Love all your outfits!!!

  36. Where do I sign up for that job? No, but seriously. You all get to do such fun stuff! That is awesome!

  37. The place looks so beautiful!! Looks like a picture-perfect vacation!

  38. Thanks for the recommendation for this resort. We just got back a couple weeks ago from our honeymoon there. We absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back again.


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