Wednesday, October 17, 2012

you + me = friendship

The day after my parents left, our good friends, Anna and Brandon, came into town.
They are in our same industry and travel around the country together.
This is their 3rd time working in Charlotte this year, which means we've gotten to see them a lot!
Although we're all so different, we just click naturally.
We're constantly trying to convince them to move to NC, but they're home is in Missouri.

To read more about Anna and past visits with her and Brandon click here, here and hereTo view Anna's blog click here.

After we parted ways, Anna and I sent a couple of texts to each other.
She wrote me some of the nicest words anyones ever said to me:

So wonderful seeing a couple so in love... Brandon and I will be so blessed if our marriage mimics yours in any way!!

I'm not sure there's a better compliment to recieve and I cherish ours friendships with both of them to the moon and back!


Because I'm on the topic of friends, lets chat about this Lauren Conrad look-alike, Ashton.

A few weeks ago Ashton borrowed a clutch of mine for a wedding she attended with her fiance.
While out of town for the wedding, Bryan and I watched her little dog.
She came over the other night to return my clutch and brought me this little gem of a gift.
I was speechless. Still am!

Not to mention, back in April she made these coasters out of wine cork for me.


This past weekend Bryan's good friend, Chris, married his stunning bride. 
They are the perfect compliment to each other and we're so sad that we couldn't be there for their special day in Long Beach Harbor. 


I woke up this morning to an e-mail from my best friend.
It included cute pictures of her and her boyfriend... and the last photo was of us.
It's an oldie and she titled it "When we ruled the world!"
Two 20-somethings, holding hands and walking "home" through Times Square.
Much has changed since then and I miss those days... those days when I see my bestie regularly!

Bryan and I aren't the kind of people to have a slew friends, but the friends we do have are ridiculously special to us!


  1. damn. i need to step up my friend game with you. :)

  2. Fun post. The bride is that picture is stunning! And, her ta-tas? UMMM...UNREAL!1

  3. friendships like that are the best!!! love the gifts she gave you..super cute!!! :)
    the last photo of you and your it. the days when nothing else in the world mattered except to be crazy and have the time of your life with your best friend in NY. I had that too...wonderful memories :) tony and I are the same about very few friends, but they are the best!

  4. First of all, your friends are so adorable just like you! And that bride's dress is to die for! Love this fun post!


  5. Beth's comment made me chuchkle :-)

    Seems like you are surrounded with great people....and i am not surprised because you and bryan are clearly rockstars. i wanna be a groupie too ;-)

    where did ashton get that adorable print? That is such an adorable gift. share the love sisssy.

  6. Such wonderful friends you have! And your one friend does look like LC...her hair rocks!

  7. What thoughtful friends you have! I love your new print and your friends that just got married are such a cut couple! :)

  8. Your friend got married at the Long Beach Harbor? Awesome! Not too far from where we got married here in Cali.

    Cute post!


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