Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hurricane sandy in nc

While the violent Hurricane Sandy ravished the northeast, us North Carolinian's were feeling it's affects as well. Although the temperature in Charlotte has been bitter cold and the winds were much higher than normal, those of us living in the piedmont haven't been affected by the storm on any level. Our mountains and coastline, however, have seen more dramatic affects of this record breaking storm.

Roan Mountain, NC - Oct. 29

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Nags Head, NC

Hurricane Sandy's path of destruction

I've been glued to the tv for 2 straight days. I don't think I've left my couch for hours, flipping back and forth between the Today Show and Fox News. This storm's magitude is still unimaginable to me, and although I worry about everyone in the northeast, I'm also concerned about the pets and stray animals that have been affected and killed in this storm. The overall devastation just breaks my heart and it'll definitely be the next addition to high school history books. Is the end of the word coming?

Hug your loved ones and stay safe friends!

Photographs via herehere, here and respectively.


  1. Yuck to the snow - luckily we have just got rain here in Southern Ontario!

    It breaks my heart about the strays that are stuck outside!! Soo sad!! I am praying that everyone is able to make it through this storm. It sure has a lot of hype and potential to cause damage!

  2. i feel so sad for those who have really been affected by this storm. it's horrible. the end of the world is truly drawing near, i believe that.

  3. I'm obsessed with the coverage too. Drives Brad crazy

  4. im totally with you my friend! Definitely been thinking about all of those effected. Breaks my heart

  5. I'm so glad you're not being affected but my heart breaks for everyone that is!! Definitely praying hard right now!

  6. I've spent the last 2 days checking on my family in Virginia obsessively. They're in Central VA so they fared similar to you - but with snow. It just breaks my heart all the way around.

  7. wow, those are some crazy images! such a big storm and all the damages are heartwrenching. :(

  8. It's been so sad and scary. We are up right outside NYC and it is just a mess here. I keep thinking about all the poor animals too and it just breaks my heart :(

  9. Very dramatic pictures, so sad.


  10. crazy that "just" some wind and water can do all that. hope you're staying safe and warm friend!

  11. you are sooo a girl after my own heart. i ALWAYS think about the poor abandoned and lonely animals. i think i have issues because my heart breaks in two for them...sometimes more than people. there i said it. i am an awful insensitive biatch.

    glad you are safe in NC :-)


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