Wednesday, July 18, 2012

why carrie and mike should be our best friends

We are the exact same couple, people!

Taking a break from her world tour, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have recently been vacationing at a lake in Canada. We go on nationwide tours and we love lakes! Clearly Mike is a big kid. I'm pretty sure Bryan's playful age stunted and that there's 8 years old boy trapped inside him. From what I see in these pictures, Mike and Bryan are the same person. Same. person!

Cannon baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall...

Moving on. I'm patriotic too, Carrie! And I give Bryan that exact same look when he's doing something silly... It's the look of "no look." I just stare... because whatever Bryan is doing is so typical of him that I would never even flinch if he were playing around and falling off a dock with his arms flailing... because that's sh!t he does all. the. time! Plus, Mike wears Hurley board shorts. Um, hello... that's all Bryan owns!

Carrie just chatting away with her girl friend while lounging on a chair and ignoring her husbands antics. I do this all the time!!!

I drink bad light beer and make that same exact face when the lake's too cold!

And now Mike's on a wave runner -- He can't ever sit still and always needs to be doing something active. Carrie continues to lay out -- Homegirl can sit still and gab for days. We're the same couple I tell ya!

 And lastly there's Carrie attempting to paddle board, to be active and all, in which she gives up and ends up just sitting down. Yep, we're the same person.

After watching Carrie and Mike on 'Oprah's Next Chapter,' minus the millions of dollars, multiple homes and screaming fans, I knew we were the same. Mike's quiet disposition, protectiveness and love for his family completely reminded me of Bryan. The way he acted and spoke in that interview is exactly how Bryan would be in that situation - simply point, he's reserved. Carrie was much more comfortable interviewing and opening up. She was so raw and approachable.

Hey Carrie and Mike, Call me.... maybe?
Photos via Daily Mail.


  1. hahahaha I knew NOTHING about them as a couple before reading this, but I completely agree with you. They need to be calling you ASAP

    I love her bikini btw.


  2. So funny! :) They're so darn cute.

    I have a question for you... saw your recommendations for SD on Newlyweds Nextdoor. I am visiting a friend in SD in August and wanted to know more recomendations (if you have any!).. particularly restaurants, anything fun! Thanks!

  3. They are a super cute couple!! I wonder which lake they were at? lol being in Canada and all!!

    Mike is totally like my hubby too!!

  4. i'll be the friend on the dock with you chatting away while bryan does stupid ish.

  5. LOL I didn't know any of this either! never saw these pics until now but let me tell you it's nice to see Carrie in real life. Billy is always on the go and HAS to be diong something at all times, he can't sit and lay out. WE need to hang out!!

  6. This is hilarious! They sound exactly like my boyfriend and me. I just like to talk and layout and he needs to be doing something, and it's usually something an 8 year old would do and I just ignore him. hahah love your blog! So glad I found it!

  7. Gotta admit it was nice to see pictures of Carrie where she wasn't a stick thin waif! Nice to see she DOES eat and enjoy life a little bit!

  8. ust discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - would love for you to check my blog out as well : ) xo

  9. This is hysterical. Nice to know all men are similar. :)

  10. hahah this was so funny. you are darling!

  11. This is so funny! I loved that interview on Oprah!

  12. hahaha this post completely cracks me up! My husband is the exact a little kid that just can't sit still, where as I could lay out all day long doing nothing.

  13. You have such a fun life I am loving your blog right now!!

  14. I loved the Oprah special... they are such a cute couple. I want to be friends with them too!! This post was hilarious. xo


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