Friday, July 20, 2012

bath day = fun day & date night

 Bryan and I had to go down and check on a work storage unit earlier this week. Below is the sign in front of this particular unit - hilarious!

After finishing up at the storage unit we headed to Freedom Park to walk Cali. For those of you Bachelorette fans, this park was featured on this season... when the guys all met with Emily's friends. Emily also took Brad here on her hometown date a few seasons ago.

 Cali loves to chase ducks! Geese, though? We have never lived around geese and have recently found out how mean they are. Their hissing scares me more than Cali - mean little suckers, they are...

 It was really hot, so on our way home we stopped off at the lake to let Calz fetch sticks and swim around.

And this is what we call bath day for Cali. She gets a bath once a week and on that day we always make sure to take her somewhere, generally swimming in the lake, so that she can get all kinds of gross. Then we head home and she gets a bath immediately. Small fry LOVES this day because of all of the dirty, messy, wet fun she gets to have!


The next day I got my hair done, so Bryan took me on a date.
Makes perfectly good sense to me!

My hair dresser always says that hair day is the best day of the month.
I think she's onto something.
With my roots covered and 3.5 inches off my ends, I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Happy Friday!


  1. I was at your house that day and didn't take notice. I am a bad friend. I guess I was focused on other things :)

  2. The hair looks great--what an awesome excuse for a date night :)
    Love the bath day for Cali!

  3. That sign is too funny! I would definitely have to ask for the special ;) You live in such a beautiful place! Lucky you for having some of those spots featured on The Bachelorette.

    Also, I ADORE your hair! I've been thinking about putting some highlights in my hair again and love your color :)

  4. haha that sign is great!! and your hair looks awesome! xo

  5. my hair is basically a different color now, and I couldn't agree more : ) Now if only someone would take me on a date...

    I love the bath day philosophy... and Cali is just so stinkin' cute


  6. I LOVE your hair color! I just got mine done and went blonder for the summer and now I wish I would have went a little darker. Maybe next time!

  7. We are huge fans of Freedom Park and we try to get out there as much as possible!

    Smokin' hot hair! :)

  8. your hair looks great!

    and that's so cute that cali loves to swim in the lake. scooter hates baths, i wonder if he would ever run into a lake. doubt it. LOL!

  9. Your hair looks great! So healthy!

    Love that Cali has fun chasing the ducks! haha


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