Friday, July 27, 2012

queens feast - summer 2012

It's Queens Feast in Charlotte this week and all of the restaurants are a buzz! 
Queens Feast aka Restaurant Week
This occurs twice a year, in February and July, and we participate every time!
This round we headed into the city to Blue, a fine dining restaurant with a Mediterranean flare.
The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was swanky and the wine was delish -- We'll be going back!

I have a question for you ladies... It's about taking photos with and without the flash. 
Which is the best way to take a photo? I'm clueless...

 Left: without flash  :::::::  Right: with flash
My thoughts: Without flash is more flattering to my body, but with flash brings out the details and color of the subject (me)

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  1. I can't believe I am even going to weigh in on this because I know didly about photography BUT I always find if there's enough natural light, no flash works better. I keep my iphone camera set to auto so the flash only comes on when it's too dark not to have it.

    (yes, I only take pictures with my iphone haha)

    that necklace is the perfect compliment to your simple dress by the way! love it


  2. You guys look so great, and I'm glad you got to take part in Queen's Feast! I've been to two restaurants participating in it this week, and a girlfriend and I have reservations at Zink tonight. Oh, and regarding the flash - I prefer non-flash photos just because they look a lot more natural, but sometimes I have to lighten mine up and adjust the color in Picmonkey!

  3. I think the no flash looks better and I am loving your outfit, so pretty as always. Happy weekend, lady!

  4. So glad yall enjoyed Blue! Did they have live Jazz going on? Best atmosphere!

    And I have no clue on pictures! I'm terrible at that!

  5. that necklace looks great on you! xo

  6. I looooooooove your hair! Teach me your ways :) Adorable outfit too! As far as the flash goes, I prefer no flash if I can get enough natural light. I think overall, they just end up looking better that way :)

  7. No Flash! It is best to use natural light! I learned this recently from my boss! If you need more light it is best to slow the shutter speed to let more light in! :)

  8. we have a similar sitch go down in Greenville every year but it's just called "restaurant week" (i think it's a statewide thing) and i believe it's only once a year.

  9. such a cute necklace! works great with that dress.

  10. This is just a personal preference (I know very little about photography), but I like to use a flash almost always. For some reason, I just think photos look better with a little more exposure :) But you look fab in both!

  11. That sounds so fun!

    I definitely prefer taking pictures without flash!

  12. I love your outfit!!!

    Without flash darling. The natural lighting works for you!


  13. You look so pretty sissy! Love that necklace. I have it in turquoise and coral, but dying for the ky blue one :-). I like no flash too. Natural light is the way to go.

  14. I like the one with a flash but they're both good!


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