Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a surprise gift

Last week Bry and I received an e-mail, text and card in the mail all telling us that we had a grill waiting to be picked up at our local Home Depot.

Holy what?!

Our dear friends, Hollie and Eli, bought us a grill as a wedding and housewarming present. Hollie said that she wanted to make sure our marriage lasted before she got us a gift. She's a funny one! She's also due to have a baby in 4 weeks, so the fact that she was thinking about us at this stage in her life just amazes me.

Hols, I know you're reading this - I don't know what we'd do without your/Eli's friendship... and I 
sure as hell don't know how we'd make BBQ chicken either! Thank you for being you. 
We can't wait for Brooks' arrival!

9 pictures taken in 8 different states and 1 different country

Changing subjects now... Lets talk hair! My hair.

Living in California I didn't always do my hair. Well I did it, but 50% of the time I would let 
it air dry and go about my day and night. 

Christmas 2009
winter 2009
summer 2010

When I moved to the south I got away with this look throughout the summer months, but quickly realized that beachy hair doesn't fly throughout the other 3 seasons. Everyone here teases and curls and puts rollers in their hair. 

Because the weather's getting nicer... and my curling iron broke... I've recently gone back to my summertime beachy messy hair. Bryan came into our room last week, stopped dead in his tracks, stared at me and told me that he "loved" my hair. The fact that he commented on my hair speaks volumes, but the fact that he used the word love? Well, clearly I need to sport this style for my man more often! 

How To
Catwalk root boost at part
Blow dry roots surrounding part
Go to sleep with wet hair or Air dry
Frizz ease throughout
Hairspray face framing hair

This "do" literally takes me 3 minutes. It's my version of wash and wear and I'm so happy for it to return to my life.

 Southern belle I am not. California girl? For life!


  1. that is so sweet of your friend! what a great surprise! she is too funny saying she wanted to make sure the wedding lasted before she got you a gift, hehe! she sounds like an incredible friend!

  2. Aww!!! How sweet!!!! I bought my husband a grill last year for his birthday and I swear we use that thing at least twice a week! Y'all are gonna love it!!!

    Now, about your hair. I wish I had it. My hair WILL not do that. I have very stick straight hair, so if I don't at least use a flat iron on the ends, it looks so bad!!! You have beautiful hair!!!!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. That's so nice of your friend to gift you a grill! I love summer BBQs and eating outside! And
    Thanks for the hair tips! I have beachy curls but too much frizz! I'm going to try the products you've listed!

  4. How sweet!! Love the collage of pictures & how they were taken at so many different place!! So neat. You have gorgeous hair!! I wish I could do that :( My hair gets frizzy, easily, so I would be scared to even attempt this!! You pull it off SO well!

  5. you have some REALLY nice friends. and i also really hope that you and bryan re-did your heytell for them. i can't wait to come see the new deck and for bryan to cook for me and you to bring me margaritas while i sit. :)

  6. how kind of your friend :) also, i'm loving the 3-min "do"

  7. You already know I love your hair.

    The grill though - what an awesome gift! And sneaky. I love surprises!

  8. What a thoughtful gift -- you'll use it so much and think of them often!

    We love our grill. And honestly, when I'm putting a meal together at night, it's so nice to be able to give Ian the grill duties and then I can just concentrate on the sides.

    How lucky are you that you can air-dry your hair and have it looking so fab?! If I could do that, it would be a huge timesaver. I bet your hair is 100x healthier than mine, too. You'd get quite a laugh if you saw how I looked after sleeping on wet hair. That will NOT be a blog post, ever. :)

  9. What sweet friends you have! I am jealous that your hair looks like good after sleeping or air drying, I swear I look like a rag doll. But, I will have to try this :)

  10. Wow! That was so awesome of your friends!

    I love your hair.. I wish I could get away with that! x

  11. Nice friend! I'm with April. Could never pull off the wet air-dry look.

  12. Jealous of your grill! I have been wanting a new one for years. Every time we are ready to go out and get one something else pops up and we have to spend that money else where. Oh the joys of owning a house!!

    I think I might have to try your hair styling tip! Although I won't be going to sleep with wet hair. THAT is a scary sight in the morning. That Frizz ease sounds like it could be a life saver!

  13. haha i love your hair! I sooo wish I could pull that off!

  14. oooo love your hair. I need to try this! Esp in the summer :)

  15. That is a niiiiiice gift!! How sweet of your friend!

    Love the hair! I wear my hair natural (wavy) during the summer too

  16. That's so nice of your friend! When I first looked at that picture of you guys with the grill it looked like you had a dog on your shirt... then I realized it was Cali haha.

    It cracks me up the things guys like when it comes to hair/makeup/clothes. I'm jealous that you can let it air dry and go! It looks so good!

  17. Dang, you have some pretty rad friends!! A grill??? How can I get on that friend list? ;)

    California beachy hair is definitely the best!

  18. holy cow what thoughtful friends you have. sooo sweet of them. and sis - you could literally wear a burlap sack and be balding and still be freakin gorgeous :-)

  19. Awww that is sweet! I wish everyone could have a genuine friend in their life like you have in Hollie.

    I actually love that hair on you! *sings* I wish they all could be California girlssssss. Lucky you though, I have to curl my hair almost every morning if I forget to wrap it. Boohoooo!!!


  20. When I first saw that picture I thought you had a tank top with a picture of Cali on it, hahaa. and then I realized it wasss her. Buttt I wouldn't be surprised if you did rock one :-)

  21. i am LOVING your pooch just hanging out on top of the grill! haha too precious!

    and SO jelly of your amazing hair! mine would be a frizz bomb 9 yards wide. sport it girlfran!!


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