Monday, April 9, 2012

catch up

What have we been up to the past couple of weeks?
A whole lot, yet nothing at all.

Blueberry chardonnay and double chocolate cupcakes from Just Baked Cupcakes.
Wonder which ones mine?!

Bryan brought these gorgeous flowers home for me.

Cali got a haircut and had 6 scheduled play dates last week... From our backyard to the dog park to a shared bottle of wine for the mama's in Birkdale Village, girlfriend is pop-u-lar! 

Bryan's brother visited us for a week!

We sat on our brand spankin' new patio a lot!

Bee bee gun target practice.

I'm pretty sure someone's going to call the HOA on us.
Thanks for visiting us a 2nd time, Jimmy!


  1. i know you got bigtime california roots, but you are showing your southern charm in this post ;-) yeah girl!

  2. haven't heard bee bee gun shooting in the back yard is a sport in North Charlotte? :)

  3. haha! The pics of you and the hubs pointing to your shot can make me chuckle. And it's a little too early for me to chuckle. That cheese and fruit tray though? Never too early. Looks deelish!

  4. Looks like you have been having fun :) The fruit & cheese tray looks SO yummy!! :)

  5. You may have seen my post a few weeks ago about us using a bee bee gun to kill squirrels at my in-laws! LOL!!

  6. i want to hang out on your patio and for you to serve me cheese, fruit, and crackers.

    and you straight up murdered that coke can.

  7. gosh i love the cheese and cracker pictures...looks like a fun few weeks!

  8. So sweet that he brought flowers home for you! They're gorgeous!


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