Sunday, January 15, 2012

porch christmas decor

I know we've all moved on from Christmas, but I just found this post saved in my drafts, and well, since no one hardly ever posts on Sundays (I wish more would!!) I decided why not! 

Welcome to our front porch at Christmas!

And for your viewing pleasure... my cute tree, horrible grass and a hot baseball pitchers butt courtesy of the husband.

You're welcome.


  1. Love the Christmas tree on the porch.

    Ummm...At first I wrote ass instead of porch.

  2. I love your red door, I love your porch, and I love your tree on the front porch with the the simple white lights.

  3. hey great look overall..beautiful :) do drop by my blog tom lemme know what u feel abt my next post ;)

    xoxo hanz

  4. i'm so glad you posted this - i was just thinking this weekend how i missed Christmas! :)

    and HOW have we not found eachother's blogs before this? we're like BFF with all the same blog chicas. I've spent the better half of my weekend reading your archives and making notes on your fashion ;)

    Are you still in ATL or will you be back? We should meet up if you are!

    Happy Sunday chica!

  5. Great pictures - so pretty. Just an fyi - the curved legs on the bottom of your rocking chairs are on backwards. Just google rocking chairs and you'll see pics showing the long end to the back of the chair, not the front. (Thought you'd want to know) Love your blog!

  6. hahaha you are so funny. I love your porch decor! Super cute


  7. I despised North Carolina grass. Everyone feels the need to throw pine needles everywhere for filler. ACK! You never see that in Florida!

  8. Thank youuuU!

    Super cute decor! Look at you decorating even though you are always on the move. I'd probably do the same because it's not Christmas unless you have a TREE UP AT LEAST!

  9. I love your decor! I hope that when I finally get a house that i`ll be able to have a porch to make look fabulous! xo

  10. Beautiful. And I don't think there is ever a bad time to post Christmas photos!


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