Monday, January 16, 2012

bryan's trip back home to california

After our tour ended, Bryan flew straight from Atlanta to LAX to spend a week back home with his family and friends. He had an awesome time and I'm still pretty bummed that I didn't go home to Orange County also!

With his best friend, his little brother... his family dog, Mac

Bryan took his mom and brother down to San Diego for a day.

The Brickyard cafe is in the background here... it's seriously the best kept breakfast secret downtown. Not only do you eat outside on the trolley tracks, but to the left of this cafe is my old condo complex (white with redish rooftop). This is where Bry and I met and began to fall in love, aw!!

The best salad and burgers are found in the Gas Lamp District at Nicky Rottens -- Bryan and I used to eat here every weekend on these very stools they're sitting on here!

Bry and his dad walking Mac at the dog beach in Huntington Beach

Bry's mom had a party for him - the golden child is home :) This is Bryan's aunt, his cousin and his cousin's family

Best friends from high school

Out in downtown Fullerton, just like old days! 

Bryan had such a great time at home and really got to spend a lot of quality time with not only his parents, brother and family, but his best friends also.

Cheers to a memorable week!


  1. Who's the Hottie McTottie in the gray hoodie? Is he married? Hook a sister up! ;-)

  2. Isn't he a cutie? So I also refer to my brother as my mom and dad's "golden child" ha! Love that he takes photos when away from you. Do you make him do it? Or is it all on his own will. Either way- I love it!!

  3. Great pics! Sounds like Bryan had a good time!

  4. Aw, how fun! I hope you don't mind me saying this, but your hubs is HOT. Lucky lady. Well, he's lucky in a major way too (you're smokin), but this we already knew.

  5. "the gold child" haha love it

    and i agree with lindsey up there....your kids are going to come out with the best hair ever!

  6. i'm totally gonna piggy back on Lindsey's comment. Bryan is so cute (aka HOT)...but then are you missy so you are the perfect couple. and it helps that his over hotness is also accompanied by his sweet personality.


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