Friday, January 13, 2012

HANA Pro Flat Iron

A couple months ago Brian, from Misikko, reached out to me and asked me to reviews the HANA Professional Flat Iron. After trying to figure out how this was going to get to me while on the road, I checked into my Nashville hotel and had this beauty of a package waiting for me at the front desk.

Can you believe all of the goodies I was gifted? Amazing!

Next thing you know, I was flat ironing my hair practically every day. You see, I've always owned a Chi straightener. I had it for years and love it, but when traveling for 4 months with 1 suitcase, you can't pack everything. Therefore, I chose my curling iron over my flat iron and went 3 months without straightening my hair. Tragic, I know!

Well, Brian saved the day by sending me this beauty of a flat iron!!

There's one thing you need to know about me. I'm not a liar. So I'm going to shoot straight with you here...

I love the HANA Pro Flat Iron! Like I said, I've always had a Chi. I mean, I had never even heard of HANA before. But now, I'l honestly never use my Chi again. No way.

I love my new HANA flat iron. Want to know why?

1) It straightens my hair in record speed. Even faster than my Chi.

2) I don't have to blow dry my hair straight. I can go to bed with my hair wet, wake up with it all wavy and then take the HANA Pro to it and it's pin straight.

3) Although I haven't used it in humid conditions, I have used it in damp conditions, and I'm happy to report that my hair remained straight.

Remember, I don't lie.

Anyone want to buy my Chi off of me?


  1. Your hair looks beautiful and really shiny! I have naturally wavy hair, too, so I can appreciate a flatiron that keeps hair straight in humid weather.

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  3. so pretty friend. i don't want your CHI but i'll buy your HANA off you. :)

  4. I reviewed their straightener a few months back and I, too, LOVED it. I'm buying one of theirs once mine goes kaput. :)

  5. ummm i'm starting to get offended. Everyone is getting sent the Hana and I want one so bad. It looks so good! jealous. And btw - my skin is sooooooooooo far from perfect. I have disgusting wrinkles all over my forehead. Like they are bad. And i don't know why I don't have circles, but a little tool in picnik called AIRBRUSH fixes skin blemishes right up. That's right, my secret is out. My skin is secretly shit-tastic. And I don't lie!

  6. UGh, they are doing these giveaway/reviews all over the place. So jealous, cause I could totally us a new hair dryer and flat

    BTW,Your hair is gorgeous and shiny!!!

  7. Hey! I'll buy your Chi off of you! How much are you looking for?

  8. No way! I had never even heard of Hana. I'm a slave to my hair so I completely understand wanting it to be straight straight!

  9. Your hair looks fab. And I'm mad no one asked my lil blog to do a review. Guess I'll just have to buy one...blah.

  10. I got the same flat iron for Christmas after reading rave reviews about it. I LOVE IT!

  11. Jealous! I want a HANA flat iron! I use a Chi and I get frustrated having to go over sections of my hair so many times. But at this point, I can't justify spending that much on a flat iron. :)

    So Brian from Misikko, if you're reading this. I'll gladly take a flat iron off your hands :)

  12. I have a chi that is almost 4 years old, and I am contemplating now buying a Hana. Thanks for sharing!


  13. I'm jealous! I want the flat iron! I just did a review this week for the HANA Air hair dryer. It's a dream and blow dries in record time! Love it! Glad you like the flat iron. I might have to make the investment!

  14. I love your blog! and i'm def. going to have to check that out! thanks for sharing!

    happy to be your newest follower <3
    please follow back ?


  15. I'm in dire need of a new hair straightener! I will definitely be checking out the HANA! Thanks for the review.

  16. Guess it's time to switch!! I'm obsessed with how pretty the Chi makes my hair look so if HANA is better, bye bye Chi!

  17. I want one! Someone else blogged about this recently too. I guess I will just have to hope that mine gives out soon :)


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