Thursday, January 12, 2012

8 days without the husband leads to... GIRL TIME!

Once our tour ended, Bryan flew straight to California to visit his family and friends whereas I drove up to North Carolina with Cali.

Bry was gone for 8 days, so I tried to keep myself busy by packing my schedule full of what else? Girl time!

went to coffee with a friend
walked with my pregnant friend (who has since had her baby)
went to lunch with another
watched The Bachelor at a girl friends house
and may or may not have drank my face off with another!

It was SO nice to catch up after being away and out of the loop for so many months -- I really don't have that many friends here in North Carolina yet, maybe a handful -- and I seriously don't know what I'd do by without them!

*Playing and hiding at my friends house. Einstein and Cali might have crushes on each other! They chased each other around for 2 hours straight!


When I told Beth that Bryan was going to be in California the first week of January, a lightbulb went off in both our heads -- this is the perfect weekend for her to come visit me.

So she did!

Clearly I rocked my USC zip up while Beth sported her SC hoodie. Kinda funny, no?

I finally got to see the letter with my own two eyes - Um, scary!!

Beer & Fried Pickles = Wild Friday Night in Lake Norman!

Yes, we drank 2 bottles of wine and finished the Jameson.

Not sure why shots were a good idea, but they were... so we broke out the whiskey and vodka! I might throw up just thinking about it...

When Beth passed out...

I decided it was a great idea to skype Bry... and his parents, who were in California.
Side note - my husband's hot!

I forced Beth into her bedroom at about 1:30am. I seriously have no clue how her and I entertained each other at my house til that hour, but we did, and it was fun.

I hit the sack and last I knew Beth was comfortably sleeping away in our downstairs guest room. Little did I know she woke back up, stumbled upstairs, took a bath (even though she had a bathroom/tub next to her room downstairs) and walked around my house sans clothing.



The next morning I woke up to Beth thinking she took a bath the night before and wondering where her bra was. She was confused because the bathtub next to her bedroom was clearly not used. After looking around I found her bra hanging on my ironing board with a face towel. I also found a bath towel soaking wet hanging on the shower head in my upstairs guest bathroom. Apparently she bathed with the towel... not sure how she dried off. It was freaking hilarious!!

We also drank smoothies on my rocking chairs and played with Cali. Beth had never had so much fun in her life!

Just when I thought my overly awesome life in the suburbs was too much for her to handle, I dragged her to help me pick out original paintings from starving artists. Beth confirmed that they really were starving, so I bought two from those hungry bastards.

Beth was having the time of her life at this point, so I decided to kick it up a notch and show her how fun I really am! We went back home, turned on the fireplace and watched a marathon on Law and Order while curled up on couches with our throw blankets. It was awesome. Oh, lunch was on the lake and dinner was TCBY.


I'm not sure what's cuter - the mug Beth gave me or Cali napping on top of the couch!
"She's NOT a cat!"
Then, as if Beth's trip to Charlotte couldn't get any more wild, I took her IKEA virginity and we ate cinnamon roles. Can you believe she had never been to IKEA before?

Sunday evening approached, and with the Steelers game coming on, Beth decided it was time to head back to Greenville. Boo hoo. Until next time friend...


And for your viewing pleasure I've included this beauty:


  1. Love random nights with girlfriends like that! We all need to have a lil blogger wine night in CLT soon!

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  3. ahhh this is my fave! this is my idea of a perfect girls weekend. you two gorgeous girls rock my socks off! super jealous, but super exicted that you all made real life of course.

    my favorite pic - the shots of whiskey and vodka of course :-)

    and darn it, i may be the only IKEA virgin left. can you take my virginity too? ok that just sounded weird ha!

  4. I just moved to north Carolina too! And rarely know anyone. Hit me up!:)

  5. I was in Charlotte like 3 weeks ago and I thought about you! I went to Ikea too! andddd that very same day (I keep meaning to tell you this) guess what I got?!?! My very own sea-urchin lamp!!! On my way home from Charlotte, after thinking about you and yours, I called two Homegoods in Raleigh to see if they had one. Oh and I also stopped at the Homegoods at Concord Mills to see if they had one. But ended up finding on in Raleigh, so I got a white one! and I LOVE it!!!

  6. Hi! Just found your blog and I find it hilarious already! It sounds like you two gals had a great time together. Those girly weekends are so much fun, especially when they come up out of the blue. Looks like a great time!

  7. OMG! The starving artists! I have always kind of wanted and take them groceries.

    Love walking with a pregnant friend and drinking a ton with another. Friends like that are the best.

  8. this wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. but i was very scared to watch that video...i wasn't sure what it could have been...until i remembered when we accidentally took a vid of ourselves.

    in other news, i'm not sure how i feel about taking pictures beside you. you're too pretty. and yes your hubs is so cute! tell him to find a cute charlotte boy for me! :) and let me know next time he goes out of town so i can come and walk around naked your house again.

  9. LOL the bath part is hysterical!! Too bad you didn't get that on video hahah and ohmygosh, Rocky sleeps on the top of our couches like that! we call him a cat sometimes ;) it's his fav place! I do think Cali and Rocky are soulmates. that's all

    glad you 2 had fun!! Now my turn to come visit :)

  10. girl time with the BFFs is the absolute best!!! sometimes you need that downtime to gossip, catch-up, and SHOP

  11. So fun! I love time with girlfriends! :) And I have a pomeranian and she sleeps on and walks along the back of the couches too :) Silly dogs!

  12. I'm sure it's sad for your guy to be gone but at least you got some AH-mazing gal pal time in! Looks like you had a great time.

  13. So much fun!! Like seriously I just had fun reading about your fun girltime.

  14. So fun!!! Weekends like that are sometimes just what the doctor ordered! Yall are precious.

    Shower story... hysterical!

  15. Sounds like you've been having an amazing time! Coincidentally, I've never been to Ikea either, haha! Oh, and I had to scoot on over to Beth's blog, so I could find out what the heck that letter was about. With that being said, Beth now has a new follower! :) I love the shower story! So hilarious!

  16. Yep, this sounds about right. Beth is notorious for her little bath mishaps. Sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have partaken ... IKEA trips and all. I can't believe she's never been to one. That's unAmerican.

    About to watch the vid, but I need to put my ear phones in first. I don't need my co-workers hearing these shenans too.

  17. LOVED the recap. Hilarious. And Kate, I'm glad to know I have a fellow tripod-user :)

    Sooooooo ... I like Classic Annie's idea - Charlotte bloggers wine date SOON!

  18. what the heck is the letter from?

  19. OH MY WORD!!! You are hilarious!! Sounds like the two of you had a blast!!!! So much giggling and laughing and drinking, I LOVE IT!!! :)
    What the hell is that letter all about?!? Im confused. Did I miss something?? LOL

  20. Oh my goodness you guys are a riot! Sounds like too much. I bet you had belly aches from laughing. Love that.

  21. Bahahahahahhahhahahhaha!!! Im laughing so hard at your little video! That is awesome!!!

  22. Nights like that with girlfriends are the best. Can't believe she had never been to Ikea before!

  23. I missed the memo on the note! what happened?! And your pup is so cute! love that pic of her hiding =]

  24. I must of missed a post about "the letter"? I'm assuming from Beth's blog.....hmmmmm now intrigued..

    The video/picture clip was hilarious! I got to hear your voices! way fun!

  25. What a fun way to fill the days without your hubby! Girlfriend dates are the best!

  26. she took a bath LOL!!!!!!!!! thats freakin awesome.

  27. sounds like a amazing time :) its always fun i agree with ya.following ya now on bloglovin too! :)) do drop by my blog i have a great offer from ROMWE fashion store! :)

    xoxo hanz

  28. OMG I Love y'all! The video is SO something I've a bazillion times!!

    Beth had never eaten a cinnamon roll?! What is WRONG with that child?!

    Y'all are adorable! ANd both have great hair...bishes. ;)


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