Thursday, January 5, 2012

orlando, fl: champs sports bowl

A few days after Christmas Bryan, Cali and I hopped back in our truck and drove down to Orlando to work the Champs Sports Bowl. We stayed with Shannon and her boyfriend so that our pups, who are best friends, could spend every minute together playing! The four of us went out to dinner, chilled around their condo and stayed up late talking. Although it was a work trip, it sure felt like a mini vacation!

Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State vs. Notre Dame

Cali has taken over as Bryan's co-pilot...

And we're off to our last stop on this 4.5 month tour!


  1. Your pup is so sweet! Your hair is gorgeous, how do you curl it?

  2. Looks so fun! and warm ughh jealous

    WOO HOO! Home stretch!!! congrats to you both


  3. Just found your blog!!! Where have I been? So cute! LOL Love your sweet Yorkie... mine is the most spoiled thing ever so I feel like they should be friends :)

  4. So stinkin' fun! Any trip that feels like a mini vacation is a win:-) And I have to agree with everyone else, your hair is gorg! xoxo

  5. Awww Cali is so cute!!! I would love to work college bowl games, actually I'd be terrible I'd just watch the game.

  6. looks fun! i love your blouse in the first pic!


  7. So jealous you got to work the Champs Sports Bowl! I'm a die-hard FSU fan! Awww I'm glad the pups had some time to bond. They're both so cute!

  8. Guess who's back!!??? MEMEME. Don't worry it is now safe to come back out of hiding bahahaha. So I see you're still traveling and still married to a gorgeous man.. :) hahaha
    Missed reading your blog!!


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