Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tampa: Oktoberfest

Tampa was all work work work... and no fun.
There were baby tigers next to us!The only semi-intersting thing to add to this post is that I had an asthma attack on Saturday night.
I haven't been feeling my best for about 2 weeks now.
I've had heavy chest congestion and a stuffy/runny nose.
The chest congestion affects my energy level and breathing pattern.
Walking 15 feet feels like hard work on my lungs.
I have been an asthmatic all my life and have dealt with attacks every few years, of which all have put me into the hospital.
But not this time.
I was able to meditate myself out of it.
Go figure!
If you know me -- you know I'm not one to meditate.
I turned the air conditioning in the car on full blast and pointed it directly at my face... sat with my eyes closed and the radio off.... focused on calming my heart rate....... calming my anxieties... taking full, deep breathes... and before I knew it, I had my asthma under control.
It was an amazing feeling, as I'm used to flying into the ER just to have an IV stuck in my arm and a breathing treatment started immediately.
Bryan was pretty much quietly flipping out, as he had never been in that situation with me before, but for a rooky, he did great!
What can I say, we're a good team :)
I must add that right now I am sitting in my beachfront condo in Pensacola Beach, FL.
We're here to work a fair this weekend, but figured that we'd make the most out of our time in Florida by staying on the beach as much as possible.
Bryan and I woke up early this morning and took a loooooooong walk on the sand to the pier - it was way longer than we both thought it'd be. Geesh!
We just made lunch and are now about to head out to the beach, which is right outside our door, for the day.
Actually, Bryan just left without me. Hahaha! I'm sitting on our balcony watching him walk out to the water.
Gotta go get my bathing suit on....

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