Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home to Huntersville for 4 Short Days...

After Chicago we were to go to Atlanta for our next event.
We veered off the beaten path a bit and found our way to our doorstep.
The truth of the matter is that the Country Music Festival ended at 10:00pm on Saturday night. We began our drive HOME at that time and with much caffeine and 5 Hour Energy, we were able to drive through the night. We pulled off the highway and into a nearby parking lot at 4:30am to get a quick snooze in our seats in the truck. Full on truckers style! We awoke at 6:30am, felt rejuvinated and plugged along the rest of our drive, finding ourself home at 2:00pm Sunday afternoon.
YES! We totally drove through the night. It was absolutely worth it to have an extra day at home!
I can't even begin to explain how good it felt to be back in Lake Norman.
We weren't sure how we'd feel, as we still view Orange County, CA as home, but walking into our front door and seeing our furniture... our kitchen..... OUR BED.... we were home.
And it felt sooooooo good!
After settling in for a bit, I got in touch with some friends to let them know we were home by telling them to stop by for a drink if they could. They were out on the lake, so they said they'd swing by the marina to pick us up. On no sleep and with our adreneline running high, we jumped at the chance to see them!
Bryan out on the lake 1 last time for 2010 Shannon and I with Jo tearin' it up behind us!
Ummmm, have I ever mentioned how much I love where I live?
This is one of the reasons!
Cali Hanah and Piper Annabelle, new found cousins, playing away like CRAZY girls!
These 2 are wild when together...
Playing so hard tuckers them out just as hard.
Bryan with our baby girl and Shannon's puppy, Piper. Too cute for words! Bryan's hair is a whole 'nother story (he's refusing to get a hair cut... hasn't had one since August and doesn't want one for another few months)
My BB, besty, bossom buddy, Maid of Honor and Sistafriend, Renee, was coincidentally in Charlotte for work (she does the same thing I do - that's how we met), so it was SO GREAT to celeberate her birthday (which she shared with my mom on 10.10.10) and spend "quality time" together at Rusty Rudder on the lake for lunch and Corkscrew, a wine bar in Birkdale.
Later that night all of our friends got together at Fox and Hound in Birkdale Village for us.
We have truly made some great friends and loved getting to see them all that night.
Jennajust announced she's preggers - YAY!
Us with Paul, Allyson and Matt
With Renee and her boyfriend, Eric
3 American's and 4 Brit's - watch out, we're out-numbered!
Shannon is in the middle of a big change in her life and has been living in our home for the past several weeks. We're so happy to help her out and to have her. We're just thrilled that she's able to babysit Cali these next 5 weeks for us. Shannon has a 5lb Yorkie, Piper, and Cali and Piper have really taken to each other. We're going to raise them as cousins *wink*
I am so blessed to have this girl in my life...
For old times!
Byan and Eric catchin' up
The girls
The night is officially over with this photo!
Could our Cali be anymore precious???
Looking a little snobby, which is funny because she's a full-on tomboy
The morning we left.
I think she knew.
Check out how sad she looks and her ears are back.
Kisses for my baby girl
"Ummm guys, why are your suitcases out?"
After this photo I broke out into tears and cried my way out the door... to the truck..... and out onto the highay. I can't even convey how guilty I feel for leaving this adorable face. But Bryan and I just keep telling her that "Mommy and Daddy are going to buy you a nice backyard"...
Okay Cali-girl... we'll see you in Orlando in November.
Counting down the days til we get back to our little lovey...

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