Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Atlanta: Georgia National Fair

Bryan and I hit the road in Charlotte, NC at 4:30am to drive to Atlanta and make it to our PR event that morning. The Explorer's PR was held at The Varsity in downtown Atlanta... we soon came to find out that The Varsity opened in 1928 and is the World's Largest Drive-In Restaurant. They scream "What'll ya have" at you when you go to order -- They startled me so bad that I froze up when ordering lunch! My little cousin, Chase, who goes to college in Millidgeville, GA, drove down to Perry, GA with his girlfriend. I was able to get them into the fair for free.
We worked with the David Ragan Ford dealership.
That same weekend David Ragan raced in the NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC.
Bryan and I drove to Millidgeville to meet Chase for brunch.
After brunch he took me to his apartment complex and showed me where he lived.
From there, we drove to Jacksonville, FL!

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