Monday, June 3, 2013

NASCAR Coca Cola 600

As you can probably tell just by looking at us -- we are not race fans.
We went from living where the US Open of Surfing is... to NASCAR country.
But lucky for us we've worked for some pretty great marketing angencies in the past and continue to have a working relationship with them... enter the Coca Cola 600.

I spent race day tagging along with my friends on the track, riding shoty in the parade and getting free tickets to the race, courtesy of Coke. I never thought I'd ever go to a race in my life, but let me tell you... this is the way to go -- This pregnant chick was fortunate enough to always be able to tag along with former co-workers and friends on their golf carts or in their trucks, so I never had to walk anywhere. Plus I had constant access to clean restrooms, water and food. Score!

Bryan helped run a program at the track, so once he was off of work we headed into the stadium to watch our 1st race.

I know virtually nothing about NASCAR, but what I do know is that having seats at the 4th turn is key. We saw all the good stuff! Particularly the major issue that happened on the track -- the cable from the overhead camera snapped, got caught in Kyle Busch's car and all of the cars were called in for a maintenance check. Apparently this has never happened at any track before, so we witnessed a NASCAR 1st :)

It ended up being a long, but really fun day!

 The next day was Memorial Day. We spent the morning people watching at Starbuck's in Birkdale Village followed by a nap in the sun, a Target run, a water balloon & hose fight and lots and lots of watermelon. 

Such a fun filled and memorable long weekend!


  1. Two posts in one day!?!? Amazing. I have lived here for 6 years and still never been to a race. But I really want to just for the people watching!

  2. loved this post
    what point and shoot camera do you use, it seems small and the pictures are fabulous

  3. Love this :) Looks like lots of fun!

  4. So fun!! Always have wanted to see what NASCAR is all about in person LOL
    And seriously how cute is your neighborhood!!! LOVE IT!!! And let's talk about how cute Bryan is with your neighbor girlies, such a blast! He is going to be the best dad :)

  5. I've lived here 11 years and have actually gone to 2 races, one being this one.
    UGHHH.. We too, got hooked up with prime seats and such but it was SOO darn hot and boring that we left after an hour and went back to the tailgate.
    Now, I've worked a TON of the races shooting video but it's always been pre-race(mainly for the Bank's race) and then gone home. It's just not my thing. You look GREAT BTW!

  6. This looks like so much fun! Great photos :)

  7. Nascar is totally not my thing but I want to go to a race once just to experience it! You look great and sometimes pregnancy has its perks :)

  8. Look at you in your little short shorts! Adorable!

  9. love that bright color on you!


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