Monday, December 3, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

We made a last minute decision to drive up to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my family. 
It was great to see everyone and so nice to get-away with the hubby.

We arrived late Wednesday night to my aunt's homemade chili. 
Thursday morning Bry, Cali and I went for a long walk on their property.
Cali was in leashless heaven and Thanksgiving Day dinner was to die for!

The next day was spent recovering, mowing down leftovers, relaxing and shopping at the Amish.
I'm now the proud owner of gorgeous peacock feathers. $0.50 each!

 We awoke to this areas 1st snow of the season Saturday morning.
I was in Christmas heaven and yelled downstairs "!!Merry Christmas!!" when I woke up!
Cali lives for snow and was one happy girl.

 We spent that afternoon shopping and lunching in one of my favorite little towns, Ligonier, and Bry pelted me with snowballs every chance he got. Standard.

Although it was still snowing on Sunday morning, we hit the road and headed home.

Cali puked all over my scarf, twice, about 45 minutes into our 8 hour drive.
Her face stunk the whole way home.
Then we hit a deer on the turnpike. 
Our 2 month old SUV has quite a bit of damage.
Bry felt awful for killing a deer, but we're all safe... everyone is telling me that's what really matters.
And then, that afternoon, I started to vomit and was sick the rest of the way home.
Too much food? Cali's gross smelling face? Deer image? Car sick?
Regardless, it was a roadtrip from hell, but a wonderful visit with family!


  1. Sounds like such a nice time! I don't live too far from PA, and don't recall getting any snow. Must have just been certain areas!


  2. WOW! the post was so awe inspiring until the deer. :( BOO!
    Love the snowy town pictures!!
    I have heard of so many people lately hitting deers. Scary!

  3. That pic of you and Bry in the snow is perfection. I could imagine that car ride. I get carsick thinking about road trips. Glad you two had the chance to relax.

  4. Oh my goodness!! That sounds like a terrible trip home. I hope you are felling better now. I'm assuming so, since that was almost two weeks ago :-) I bet your family loved having you guys there.

  5. The drive home sounds rough, but at least you got to spend time with your family for Thanksgiving! And Cali got to run wild in the snow :)

    I recently saw a deer get hit by a car. Luckily the car wasn't going fast enough to do much damage to the deer. He eventually got up and ran away. I screamed and cried when it happened. I can't imagine experiencing what you did with that deer!!! So sad.

  6. What a gorgeous place!! Hope you're better now! I know that was terrible.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I love love love your top! That color is my favorite!

  8. This seems like the most perfect Thanksgiving and way to start off the Holidays. I want to go there. You look great, by the way! Hope to see you this month at dinner.

  9. What a horrible trip home!! What a nightmare. I'm glad you're all safe though!

  10. yikes quite the trip home!! poor deer but yes, glad you are all ok!!

  11. Oh my! That sounds like an awful turn of events! Glad that you guys made it home safely after some time with family!

  12. I'm sorry you had such a rough trip home. The snow looked beautiful though! I hit a deer a few years ago. Scared me to death! I'm glad y'all were safe!

  13. Looks like a Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Great pics, loks like you had a great time! Checkout my gift guide of the week: For the Co-workers! Follow if you like!

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