Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas decor home tour

This year I decided to forgo purchasing any new Christmas decorations. By utilizing what I already have I realized I don't really need another thing! I did, however; end up with a few barren spots, of which I filled with Christmas candy, candles and pointsettas. All in all, it looks much like last year -- cozy, comfortable and traditional -- just the way I want my holiday house should look!

 Family Room

Family Room Fireplace & Mantel
  Dining Room
  Living Room

 Breakfast Nook
 Steelers snowmen with our fur-baby snowman, Cali
 Garage Entryway

My primary decor colors are very nuetral with lots of soft greens and rustic woods. My house transitions great throughout the seasons and compliments Christmas colors perfectly!


This will be our 2nd Christmas in our house and we are so ready for our parents to arrive to celebrate!

* I feel compelled to add that my "tree skirt" is actually a twin sized sheet from a set I found on sale and bought for this very purpose last winter
* Every Christmas item on my kitchen ladder is a hand-me-down from mil (Bry's fav pieces from childhood) and aunt... Love them all!
* I need a nativity so badly, but am waiting until after Christmas sales. I'm cheap :)


  1. Everything looks so cute!

  2. So pretty!! Love the dog outside :)

  3. you should check hobby lobby for a Christmas nativity, we got one right before thanksgiving when they are doing one of their 50% off all holiday d├ęcor, and scored a gorgeous woodcarved looking set for $35! And your hob lob in charlotte is much nicer then mine in ole lil' Everytime I visit, I hit that place up!

  4. WOW! This looks amazing! I so wish I had more space to completely redo my house with Christmas. I have NO WHERE to sit things, so I'm just stuck with a tree only. It's sad. So yours looks GREAT. And I'm jealous!
    Fave- the dog!!!

  5. Love all of your decorations!

    Where did you get that amazing green Christmas pillow? I love it!


  6. Everything looks so so good! I love all the little Christmas touches!

  7. im so jealous of your Santa's Village! I want one so bad but we just dont have the space for it until we more. I'm definitely going to get started next year on one. Your house looks beaultiful

  8. Wow your house looks so festive!! I didnt even put our Christmas Tree up this year. Sadly I put out all of our decorations one morning before work. hahah not much!

  9. Your home is so cute! I love the Christmas decor. It's very similar to ours. Very 'neutral' like. That light up dog is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  10. Where did you find the art piece of the globe on the wall by your tree? I am looking for something to fill a wall and that is perfect for the traveler in me. I love it!

  11. Everything looks fantastic - you did a great job!!

  12. looks great, kate! i love all the traditional and rustic pieces you used. love those wooden trees. i came so close to buying some very similar. i did my best to not buy anymore christmas decor but i caved today when i bought some christmas pillows. oh well.

    p.s. i have that same gold metal map wall art hanging in my den. twinsies!

  13. I love all your decorations!! Your tree is so pretty!


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