Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas village - bents

While in Pennsylvania, my aunt and I spent some time in her attic sorting through all of her Christmas decorations for ones that she'd be willing to give to me to display for years to come. I was thrilled when we came across her village and she graciously gifted it to me. Bryan is a big fan of Christmas model villages, so I knew that this would be the most special item she could give us... We'll display it forever and purchase more pieces to grow our tiny little village into a winter wonderland.

What I'd like in years to come...

I also love the villages sold here, here and here. They are affordable (prices range from $15 up) and classic enough to mix and match with each other.

I never thought I'd be one of those crazy Christmas village ladies, but every store I walk into these days, I'm finding myself checking out their village accessories! For more options click here.


  1. what an amazing heirloom! the gingerbread palace is beautiful. your trip to PA looked very nice, other than the deer incident! I live in PA and am always fearful of that.

  2. Ahh I posted about ours today! I think the villages are so darn cute and fun!

  3. I love my village, until this year, I hadn't used it since 2009, since I was apartment living and had no room, now that we've got our house, it was the first thing up!!

  4. I love my village! It's at my mom's - my apartment is too tiny to store it year round, let alone display it - but I'm looking forward to the day I can pull it out and put it on display in my own home. My Granny has a huge one that I hope will one day be passed down to me.

  5. I use to want one really bad but after moving around quite a bit I knew it was a lot to store and lost my desire.
    I do love them!!


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