Thursday, December 13, 2012

apparently i've been living under a rock

While I was surfing the web and browsing online stores... my usual pastime... I stumbled upon Tiny Prints personalized iphone cases. Um, news flash -- Tiny Prints sells more than paper items? I truly did not know this! Have I been living under a rock? I mean, for just $40 you can create an iphone case to your liking. Such a great gift idea for the person who has it all. Eh ehm, my mom!

 And because I feel like I spend so much money throughout the year on cute address labels, I've decided that it's about time I invest in a good rubber stamp or embosser. Which one do you like better?

Moral of the story: Although Tiny Prints is my go-to online store for invitations, announcements and greeting cards, they offer so much more... including Erin Condren planners!


  1. I love the one on the left with the H! Chic and classy!

  2. i LOVE my address stamp, but i can't lie...i am DYING to have an embosser because you can put it on anything-if you get your monogram, you can emboss cocktail napkins for parties!!

  3. The embosser. It's FANTASTIC and I'm sure you could find 1000 things to emboss. Make your own personalized paper to write letters on by embossing the paper, then emboss the envelope. Napkins, wrapping paper, your dog..Ok, maybe not your dog, but I'm all about the embosser

  4. I cant wait until we move so I can by the rubber stamp. I was going to buy one for my xmas cards, but there is no point since we are moving. I love the embosser, but the stamp in more visible to me :)

  5. the one on the right; the embosser is super cute


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