Friday, November 9, 2012

the perfect gift... bullets poker

I don't know about the men in your life, but my husband loves poker night with the guys!
He has an old, shabby table that he sets up and I'm thinking about getting him a new one.
Shhhh... Don't tell 'em!

Bullets Poker is my one stop shopping website for everything poker!
From tables to chips to accessories... You can find it all here.

Bryan's always had a table top and I think that's what he prefers.
I love this poker table top with its wood track and black edging.
If he pushed my seasonal tablescape aside (ahem!), it would fit perfectly on our dining room table.

And because I love blackjack, I think I'd throw in this automatic card shuffler for myself.
I mean, I'd feel like such a pro!

So tell me... Are you or your significant other a lover of all things gambling?
If so, what's your favorite to play - poker or blackjack?

Happy Friday!

* This is a sponsored post. I had the freedom to write what I wanted, all words are my own and my honest opinion.


  1. Brad isn't huge into gambling but when we are at a casino he prefers craps.
    Me? I lived in NV for 5 years and really never mastered any table games at all.
    I was all about the slots!

  2. Oh my goodness, My husband is a HUGE, ENORMOUS lover of gambling. He adores it and we often have poker parties for the boys and a little wine night for the girls. It's a ton of fun and then of course when we are in Vegas..... he can't resist! One of the things I love about him though, he is always in control! He never over does it and most of the time wins... I of course get to reep those benefits! Hee Hee He!

    BTW - love your blog, I look forward to reading it daily.

    Happy Friday!

  3. You have a very nice blog; can't wait the new posts! :-)

    You are very beautiful and you write nicely! You seem to be a very positive young lady!

    I started to follow you. You can follow me back if you want? ;-)

  4. awesome gift! If we hosted more get together, I would totally consider investing in a table like this

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