Thursday, November 8, 2012

"g" stands for...

I've mentioned my family room ladder before.
And although I just love it, there was always something missing, I just couldn't pinpoint what.
Enter the large "G"
Not only is it the perfect compliment to my decor, but its added height balances this wall.

If you're wondering, the "G" clearly stands for Gangsta 'cause that's what we are ;)

* Letter "G" sold at Steinmart. Available in a variety of colors


  1. I'm still looking for the perfect ladder! Absolutely love yours and the way you have decorated it!

  2. oh kate...if you're gangsta then i weigh 100 lbs. ;)

  3. where is the G from. I am looking for cute letters for my house too!!!

  4. Love it! I'm looking for a rustic ladder to do fun decoration things with. :)

  5. ohhh i absolutely love that!

    just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did!

    Kasey @

  6. love the way you decorated here! you have great taste! xo

  7. Love, love, love this girl!!!!

  8. I love the ladder bookshelf! And you are so right, the G looks great up there and definitely adds to the height! I haven't been to Steinmart in so long. Might have to go by there tomorrow!

  9. Gotta love SteinMart...only gangsters shop there! ;)


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