Sunday, November 4, 2012

home decor: bar stools

There are very few things that make me go weak in the knees.
Classy, unique and afforable home decor is one of them!
Enter Bar Stools.

You see that traditional stool below?
It would look perfect up against my kitchen island.
The leather would be soft to sit on and easy to keep clean.
It's worn look would blend perfectly with all of my traditional and rustic furniture.
Bar Stools sells The Modena at a very reasonable price.

And you know what else I want?
This gorgeous Viacenza Bar Table.
I mean, how beautiful is the wood grain on this modern, yet rustic table.

Both of these items are going on my Christmas wish list.
Husband, you reading this?

* This is a sponsored post. I had the freedom to write what I wanted, all words are my own and my honest opinion.


  1. HA! I have needed bar stools for my house for 18 months now. I've been extremely picky as to the kind I want, but goodness I like the ones you've picked out! Perhaps I should put them on my Xmas wish list as well!

  2. I have to plain wooden bar stools, and they are the most used items in my kitchen. No kidding. Guests love them & they have made it easier for my boyfriend to help me in the kitchen after his knee surgery too. I really like the table too. I'm looking for a 'bench' like kitchen table right now. Hope your hubby is taking notes! <3, Amy (Trials & Triumphs)

  3. Do they ship to the US or if they do, do they charge an astronomical shipping fee? I couldn't find info on their website :(

  4. I love this post. This is really amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  5. From what wood are these furniture made? I'm sure my friends in apartments in Dearborn Michigan would be very much insterested.

  6. You got a good choice of bar stools. Aside from wood, I also prefer leather bar stools. Thanks for posting.


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