Saturday, November 24, 2012

christmas gifts: men - olrids & downtown

With the holidays slowly approaching, I'm sure we're all beginning to think about what we're going to buy for that special man in our lives. After perusing the Oldrids & Downtown websites, I've come up with some great, out-of-the-box options!

6oz. flask with leather trim - Perfect for just about every man under the sun!

I own this machine and swear by it - So user friendly, appealing to the eye and easy to clean!
For the artist, actor, wordsmith or data hound in your life!
Perfect for any NASCAR, Indy or Formula 1 fan's desk!
Oldrids sells more than just gifts -- They sell furniture, clothing and so much more.
Happy shopping!


  1. That pen holder is seriously PERFECT for my father-in-law!! Haha, I just emailed it over to my hubby to tell him to buy it ;)

  2. I love that flask! It'd be perfect for my hip brother :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  3. Is the Tassimo better than the Keurig?? I have the Keurig and I love it! I don't love the cost of the pods for it though!

  4. I'm totally asking Santa for a latte machine!

  5. I love the flask! I think I'll get it :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband would love that flask! Great ideas.

  7. Great ideas.We can also get varaiety of Christmas Gifts and Newyear Gifts at here......

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