Friday, August 31, 2012

a trip down memory lane... 1 year later!

It's hard to believe that Bryan and I have now lived in our home for 1 year.
Building a house is an overwhelming, draining, enlightening and fulfilling process.
I feel settled, at peace and so totally connected to this home.

Here's a trip down memory lane...

January 2011 - Under Contract

January 2011 - our lot

Lot 262 is ours! (hardly any of the others were sold... they lied, and we had our choice :)
January-February 2011 - overwhelmed at the Design Center

March 2011 - Ground Breaking: foundation poured

April 2011 - Framing
May 2011 - Primed

May 2011 - Painted

May - Cabinet installation

May 2011 - garage doors, pillars, front porch

May 2011 - Love my double oven that I faught (the builder) so hard for!

May 2011 - Granite placed, appliances & lighting installed

June 2011 - painting... Bryan measuring for a refrigerator

June 2011 - Happy to see the master bath coming along

June 2011 - Our driveway was laid, 1st time car was pulled into driveway

June 2011 - We have a tree and planters

June 2011 - Finally decided on backsplash

June 2011 - making so much progress

June 2011 - plumbing

June 2011 - front porch complete

June 2011 - Flooring installation

June 2011 - Carpet installation

June 2011 - Pendant lighting installed and electricity on

June 2011 - We have carpet

July 2011 - Kitchen complete

July 2011 - Master bath complete

August 2011

August 2011- We officially closed and the house is ours! - Gift basket from builder and flowers from Bryan

August 2011 - Moving day shit-show
August 2011 - 8 days after moving in... this was our last day at home until CHRSTMAS!!
Fall 2011 - snuck in 2 days at home over Thanksgiving weekend

Winter 2011 - Love our Christmasy house :)
Christmas 2011

January 2012 - Wonder who made this mess?

Valentine's Day 2012

February 2012 - Most perfect door hanger ever!

February 2012
March 2012 - Our 1st snow

March 2012 - Master closet complete

March 2012 - backyard fun

May 2012 - Bryan painted our island green

March/April - Fence and Patio

The lived in look!

August 2012 - It's officially been 1 year since we moved in!

I am a part of my house and my house is a complete reflection of me!


  1. Your home is absolutely beautiful!! I know y'all are so proud to have been so involved in this process and making it happen! I am impressed!! (:

  2. yay! can't believe it has been one year!!

  3. building your own house looks like so much fun because you get to design exactly what you want! so awesome! congrats on being in your home for 1 year! xo

  4. building your own house looks like so much fun because you get to design exactly what you want! so awesome! congrats on being in your home for 1 year! xo

  5. Your home is beautiful! Love your kitchen :) That seems like such a long process, I'd be so glad when I finally got to move in!


  6. I love this! Congrats on your first year in the house!

  7. Kate! YOUR HOURS IS GORGEOUS!!! Oh my word!! I love it so much! The gray and the red front door...LOVE!!! :) :) :)
    And umm that photo of your first snow...beautiful! WOW!!
    And I just have to say I love that you put a christmas tree on the front porch, how gorgeous is that!! :)
    you are inching me more and more wanting to move out that way ;) Tony and I need to make our way out for a visit, seriously soon!!
    Beautiful photos and memories for you two :)

  8. your home is absolute perfection! i love when i see pictures of it. my dream home :)

    have a fabulous weekend!

  9. I love, love, LOVE your house!! And, that 'first snow' pic is adorable :) I'm so jealous, I can't wait to settle down in one place and do the same one day!

  10. I love all the pictures! your house is so cute! :)

  11. Beautiful Taste! Enjoy and cherish all the memories...

    Angela - (

  12. Wow I cannot believe it's been a YEAR! How crazy fast does time fly by? What a beautiful home you've both created for yourselves.

    And I love the CB&TL mug :)

  13. 1. Your home is GORGEOUS!!!! You all did such an amazing job putting it all together. I would have been so overwhelmed (and I'm sure you were).
    2. I LOVE that you live in Charlotte!! I am only about 2 hours west of you!

  14. I LOVE your house! I think I've said that before too! Don't ever invite me to stay because I don't think I'd want to leave it! ;)

  15. Congrats on one year in your home! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Wow, has it really already been a year?? I remember when you first said you guys were building! Your house is beautiful - congrats!! :)

  17. Wow looks like a lot of work, but your house is absolutely gorgeous and definitely looks like all of the stress was worth it. I am IN LOVE with your front porch! It's weird once you become a homeowner what things excite you. hahah I want a big, covered porch like that on our next house. Very nice home!!!

  18. you have such a beautiful home Kate. I am really looking forward to the day when we can purchase our own home! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  19. I love your house! It's so perfect and gorgeous.
    I can't believe it's been a year! Time goes by way too fast

  20. Wow. How am I just finding your blog? Love it! And love your house... Very jealous. I live in Chicago. Pretty sure my "house" is the size of one of your rooms.

  21. You have such a beautiful home.. it's been fun watching it progress over the year!

  22. So awesome, congrats on 1 year. this is me and my husband's dream! happy september!

  23. Your house at Christmas is my dream!

  24. stop yourself.

    this is freaking amazing. i just showed my husband and was all "OMG CAN WE BUILD A HOUSE?! LOOK! THEY DID IT! LOOK HOW AWESOME IT IS!" Haha, seriously though, it's gorgeous, well done :)

  25. Your house looks amazing and I love that it is a reflection of you! I have yet to have my own house yet, but my boyfriend is a home owner and builder so I was able to go through the process of building a home with him and it is a LOT of work! So good work and everything looks amazing. I especially love your laptop and puppy pick - looks so nice to work there!

  26. LOVED seeing your home, especially through all the stages :) It's gorgeous!

  27. Perfect! You guys are so blessed!

    Love it!


  28. what a fun trip down memory much can change in a year, right??? you guys are just the sweetest couple ever and love how you've made your house a home together my friend ;)


  29. Just found your blog, what beautiful photos and what a wonderful home! Newest follower, follow back if you'd like!

  30. Ohh, it is simply gorgeous!!! Love the color of the kitchen cabinets! Love this post!

  31. wow your house is gorgeous!!! i love the elements you picked out, you are definitely creating great memories in that house

  32. I hope my hubby and I can do this one day.
    You and Bryan did such an amazing job!! I would LOVE to come home to that house.

    And don't even get me started on your closet. JEALOUS!

  33. Your house is amaizng! :) Asbsolutely love it! You guys are the perfect couple!


  34. I need your cute door hanger! Where did you get it? I'm a die-hard Chargers fan and my boyfriend loves the Steelers. Its perfect!

  35. Just came across your blog and enjoying catching up! This is such a great post, your house is beautiful! What an adventurous, exciting life y'all have! So excited to join your fabulous blog! :)


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