Monday, March 12, 2012

i. am.

A little over 1 year ago Bryan and I both sat down separately and completed the below statements. See here. I told him then that I wanted us to do this every year. I'm pretty sure he hoped I would forget. But I didn't forget. And after 1 month of bugging him, I successfully forced him to complete these statements. I want to track our growth, our life changes, our priorities, etc. with this...

I Am... full of wanderlust.

I Want... to know how the next year is going to unfold.

I Have... a big heart, according to my husband.

I Wish... that our house came with a back patio and fence.

I Hate... all of the troubles we’re having with my car.

I Fear... a lot right now.

I Hear... Bryan doing p90x upstairs.

I Search... for my next career move.

I Wonder... if my niece and nephew remember me.

I Regret... writing the words “it’s a must” to a particular person.

I Love... my dreamy husband, adorable dog, cozy house and healthy parents/in-laws.

I Ache... when I leave my dog for an hour, a day, a week and a month.

I Always... see the positive in every situation.

I Usually... want to go shopping for home decor instead of clothes these days.

I Am Not... a self centered person.

I Dance... with Cali all around the house.

I Sing… to annoy Bryan.

I Never... am fake. Yes, I really am that genuine. And yes, I really am that self deprecating.

I Rarely... have a hidden agenda.

I Cry... when I'm mad or frustrated or even when I'm just watching a commercial. I cry a lot.

I Am Not Always... able to say “You’re right. I’m wrong.”

I Lose... sleep, never.

I'm Confused... with how we’re going to realistically pull off the big plans that we have for 2012.

I Need... a magic ball.

I Should... thank the Lord everyday for all that He has blessed me with.


I Am... a stress case.

I Want... a stable career.
I Have... the best wife and dog in the world.
I Wish... I had a backyard... ie. grass!
I Hate... that Cali barks at everyone she doesn't know.
I Fear... spiders above my head and snakes.
I Hear... what my wife has to say... sometimes.
I Search... for my nitch in life.
I Wonder... what my life would be like without the introduction of Pepsi MAX and Coke Zero.
I Regret... how I spent my college years.
I Love... my wife, family, dogs, friends and chicken.
I Ache... when I don’t workout.
I Always... need something to do.
I Usually... want more.
I Am Not... perfect... but close ;)
I Dance... at wedding’s when I have a few drinks in me.
I Sing... 3 to 4 words of a song then stop because I realize I don't know the words.
I Never... want to get old or die.
I Rarely... relax.
I Cry... with a good movie.
I Am Not Always... perfect, but almost.
I Lose... my temper when I lose at anything.
I'm Confused... easily.
I Need... my wife to keep me in line.
I Should... do more little things to show my wife how much I love her.


  1. this is so sweet :) i def want to do one with my fiance and see how we grow each year! what a great idea kate! xo

  2. Love this! Going to do this, for sure!

    PS You're like the prettiest person, ever.

  3. WOW, this is such a good idea! I looooovvveee it! Maybe I can talk the boyfriend into doing it. Oh and could yall settle down on the attractiveness?! Haha yall are a gorgeous couple! :]

  4. I did this I AM thing last year too. Love it :) I was actually working on posting it again soon...maybe I'll copy you and have Tony do it as well, I love that you both did it. So fun!! :)

  5. what a fantastic idea!!! Yall are too cute!

  6. Love, Love, Love this!! What a fantastic idea.

  7. So for one, I'm bummed to hear about your car situation. Two, it broke my heart to hear you talk about your niece and nephew. I hate that situation for you. Hard to make sense of that. Three, I am wondering who you are referring to when you say you regret saying "it's a must" to someone, though I'll probably never know. Love this idea!

  8. This is so cute, I always love reading the guys answers!! Y'all are a precious couple :)

  9. What a great idea! I think Ben and I will do this, this weekend! Bryan....I hear my wife...sometimes! That cracks me up!

  10. This is such a great idea!

    Awesome post Kate!


  11. This seems like a really good little project to do with your spouse. I was just thinking yesterday, how I wonder if Kenny and I want different things in life. That thought really scares me. Kenny is so content with how our life is, but I am definitely looking for a better life for our children and for us.

  12. So sweet, I read your previous one not too long ago. It must be interesting to look back and see how things changed!

  13. Love this! Hope you had a nice visit home!!!

  14. I read your new answers then old answers. So interesting! Some of the responses changed, while other stayed the same... which didn't surprise me for the ones that stayed the same. I think this is an awesome exercise. Maybe M and I will do this and a year from now to see if/how things change.

  15. great idea! You guys are soooo cute!!

  16. This is such a cute idea. :) It will definitely be fun to look back on some day down the road.

  17. I absolutely love this! You're so creative! This is such a neat idea!

  18. i'll do my own for you and bryan...

    Kate is...beautiful.

    "it's a must" is something you can always say to me. :) and i guarantee your niece and nephew remember you.

  19. LOVE this! I really want to do this! Great idea!! May steal ;)

  20. This is awesome! I think I am going to have to steal this. Getting my husband to do this might be like pulling teeth. lol

  21. I love this! I think my mister and I may need to do this!

  22. awww! i love this sis! like tear in my eye love it. you and bry are such an amazing couple...obviously! i wanna know these big plans in 2012. my mind always goes to little baby gailey first, but i DOUBT that is it :-) hope california treated you well.

  23. So sweet! I need to do something like this with my hubby!

  24. So cute. Do you mind if I do this on my blog as well? (I'll give you credit)

  25. Such a smart and great idea. One I will have to try and remember down the road.

    Thanks for sharing such an open and honest post about yourself and your man.


  26. I love this! :) How great you got the hubby to do this. I totally want to do this!! You guys are adorable.

  27. I hear : what my wife has to say... sometimes. LOL!!!!!! LOVE this. Def a new follower... I adore you guys!!!!

  28. I am... trying to convince Joe to do this. He told me I have to sign a waiver stating I won't get mad at his answers. I am..scared.

  29. Wow, love it!! Might have to get the husband to do this with me! So cute!

  30. This is SO awesome. What a great way for you two to keep track of your progress/changes.

    I think I might steal this and do it with my fiance once we're married.

    AND, thanks for being real.

  31. This is SO sweet. LOVE it!

    On our wedding day, we had a "time capsule" where all our guest could put their two cents in, however we did something a little like this where we answered questions prior to the wedding day.

    I may steal this and start it everything - if it's okay? I love memories!

    Great post Kate, praying for your Momma♥

  32. This is SUCH a great idea! What a fun way to look back at where you were year after year!


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