Thursday, March 29, 2012

words with friends - sleepover version

Can we talk about the fact that I went to Beth's in Greenville Tuesday night?
Cali and I packed our overnight bag and headed south for a relaxing night of crocking, cookies and wine.
What I didn't realize was that Beth had something else in mind?
Apparently she's part of the 0.06% of the population that still has a working VCR.
And not only does she has a VCR, but she owns VHS tapes.
Tapes of her!
So this is what I endured....

Beth Reading Mother Goose with her dad. Precious.

Debutante Ball

This sleepy guy's kind of a big deal!

Cali got a little sloppy.

And this is how I felt throughout it all...

In all seriousness, I had tons of fun with Beth... yet again!
And I learned a lot of new words.
Words that will never help me win Jeopardy.
But if there were an urban dictionary Jeopardy, consider me prepped for the competition!


  1. you could have cropped me out of that one picture. so gross. i look like a les trying to get fresh with you.

    and for the record, i did not MAKE you watch those tapes. i asked and you obliged. and you're glad you did.

  2. Umm this is amazing. I make Joe watch home videos so he can see how great our future children might be with my genes. Let's just say that was probably the best birth control. Looks like fun!!

  3. I'm jealous you got to see those tapes! Beth has hands down the best vintage kid pics of anyone I have ever met.

    And, just for the record - I too have a dual DVD/VCR player so I can play old school tapes. I play Reese Disney tapes on it like once a week. They only cost me $2 at resale shops and he loves them!

  4. Hahahaha. This is hilarious!! I admit, I think watching home videos every so often is amazing. And making your friends watch them? Classic! :) Sounds like a fun little sleepover!

  5. HAHA! I had a working VCR up until a few years ago. Brad and I got drunk and looked at my old home movies one night.
    It was actually, a lot of FUN!!

  6. Hahaha M and I actually have a working VCR...tehehe. Glad you ladies had tons of fun, again! :)


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