Tuesday, February 14, 2012

when so cal comes to clt, we're there with bells!

I'm pretty sure that we are the only ones in Charlotte, the Carolina's and quite possible the entire south who is rollin' around with a Clippers license plate on the front of our car. I come from a Laker's family, so I can't stand it, but Bryan loves the Clippers, so I'm trying. 

When we saw that the Clippers were coming to Charlotte to play the Bobcats, without hesitation we made sure to get ourselves tickets. I mean, a little bit of home in our neck of the woods? Sold!

I'm not going to lie - the game was awesome! The Bobcats are real bad, but the Clippers are 1st place in the western conference (ahead of the Lakers). They have this guy, Blake Griffin, and holy crap - he's a power dunking machine! Although we were in a crowd full of Bobcats fans, the crowd went cRaZy when Griffin dunked. I mean screaming, clapping, standing and roaring from every which way. The man is loved as a true pro. And I'm pretty sure the stadium was packed just for him. 

These 2 clips were the #1 and #2 hightlights of the day on ESPN's Sports Center!

They're not called Lob City for nothin'! 
Oh, and #3 on the Clippers has a house on Lake Norman. Just sayin'!

*It was a crowded game. This was in the last 2 minutes, so many had left to beat traffic*

And if you were ever wondering what color eyes we have, here's an extreme close up. Scary...


  1. Oh my doesn't look like lots of folks are there but glad you all had fun!

  2. I used to go to a lot of Bobcats games when they were good - er, better. :)

    We have a similar situation coming up this year when the Raiders will be playing the Panthers. Ian is a HUGE Raiders fan so we'll be there at the Panthers stadium in all of our black and silver glory.

  3. This sounds like such a fun date... even if both teams were bad :)
    You two are the cutest!

  4. Games are alwasy better when you are actually there watching them - even if the teams are bad!! Cute date and as alwasy love your pictures!!

  5. how can you look so pretty up close and far away (and at normal distance). did you know your boo invited me to this game? guess he had to take you since i couldn't make it. ;)

  6. Yes Blake Griffin is dominating! Dunking on everyone YES EVERYONE! lol

    The honey & I have plans of attending a game...one day! I'm sure guys had fun.

    P.S I'm sooo not a laker fan :P

  7. I was at the game too! The Bobcats are so bad, but I knew it would be a fun game with Blake Griffin and all his dunks. It was such a fun atmosphere, and I love how everyone kept going wild every single time he dunked. It was so fun!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. so fun! I use to love going to Basketball games. You two are the hottest couple ever! Happy Valentines Day, lover!

  9. You two are such a gorgeous couple! So happy to see another Charlotte blogger! (even if I am living somewhere else currently, haha)

  10. You and your hubby take the best pictures together. You wear red so well Kate! Happy V day!

  11. hahaha I love the first sentence of this. If you ever see any other Clippers plates you better honk at them! and Blake Griffin is amazing, so awesome you saw him dunk in person!! I can't believe one of them owns a house on Lake Norman?!

  12. I just stumbled on your blog and am so GLAD to find someone from Charlotte. I travel their frequently, between seeing my boyfriend's family and my college friend.

    No Bobcats or Panthers plates?! :)

  13. Also, do you know of any other Charlotte/North Carolina bloggers?


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