Monday, February 27, 2012

a once in a lifetime friendship

Have you ever had a once in a lifetime kind of friendship? 

The kind of friendship that when referring to each other as "close friend" or "best friend" trivializes the friendship, because in actuality, it is on such a deeper level than those words convey.

The kind of friendship that when you send out an e-mail to only family members she's the only friend included also. 

 The kind of friendship where you become each others family. And not only is this friend family to me, but my family considers her part of our extended family. And you know each others aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

The kind of friendship where you don't need to do a thing when around each other because all you want to do is sit and talk. 

The kind of friendship when you have piles... no, mounds of dirt on each other.

The kind of friendship that you have an 'anniversary' of the day you met... because it was a life changing day.

The kind of friendship where you know that if they were the opposite sex you could spend the rest of your life with them.

The kind of friendship when you know that it doesn't matter where life takes you or how long you go without talking, your friendship will never weaken.

That kind of friendship.

Renee drove out from Nashville last week to spend a few "girls only" days together. As much as we love our men, it was nice not having either of them around - it was just her and I, like old times.

ate pizza for dinner 2 nights in a row
ran around my house thinking up decorating ideas
drank 6 bottles of wine in 2 nights
awoke with headaches
sipped morning coffee on my rocking chairs
crocked lunch
stayed up to 1:30am just talking
took Cali on walks at Ramsey Creek Park, Jetton State Park and Latta Plantation
relaxed on a bench swing overlooking the lake
sat on the sand and watched the water crash into the shoreline
picnicked in my backyard
people watched in Birkdale Village
had lunch on the lake
talked, talked and talked!


Renee's good friend from high school lives near me, so we all met up for lunch.

The most amazingly wrapped house warming gift ever! A crazy handmade card, including a drawing, is standard from Renee. It's hard to imagine, but what's inside is even better than the outside!

Renee's visit was full of quality together time. She is, easily, my favorite person on earth, therefore I just adore and cherish every minute when we're together. 


  1. LOVE this post and it makes me miss my BEST/SISTER who lives in South Carolina...we are like this. So glad you two got to catch up! 6 BOTTLES in 2 nights divided by 2 girls....that's about right haha...

  2. Loved this post!!! I have a friend like this but she is actually my sister too!


  3. I HEART this post, because I can completely relate. My BFF and I have been friends for almost 14 years now. Crazy, but amazing :) She and I know each other in ways (and been through stuff in ways) that no one else will ever understand.

  4. I love that you have that and am slightly envious. I've never, but I hope to have it once I get to DC and am finally in a place I know I will be forever. Glad you guys had such great girl time!

  5. Awwww I love this! I definitely have this kid of friendship with my best friend since middle school. I love her to pieces!

  6. Awww, I loved reading this. Aren't friendships like that just the best? Knowing that no matter how long you've gone without seeing each other or speaking, you can still pick right back up where you left off. So glad you got some "girls only" days together :)

  7. This is the BEST kind of friendship. It's so amazing to have a friend like this!

    LOVED this post! And I love your outfit.

    AND I want a porch swing to sit on while cuddling with my fiance, reading a good book, and sipping on hot chocolate. Ahhhh I would die!


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