Wednesday, April 23, 2014

trace's 1st experience with my favorite holiday - easter recap

Easter is my favorite holiday, and knowing that this was Trace's 1st Easter I tried to make it as extra special and memorable for myself *because he won't remember* it as I could. The celebrations began with a trip to meet the Easter bunny last week!

Easter morning felt more like Christmas morning in our house this year and Trace was so excited to tear through all of his new toys that he got! My parents gave Trace the mack-daddy of Radio Flyers along with a ton of fun toys inside it. My in-laws gifted him with a super cool "4x4 off-roading" Cozy Coupe Jeep. And, of course, the Easter bunny filled Trace's basket to the brim. 

While looking at all of his Easter swag, I sat down with Trace and explained the real meaning of Easter. I talked about Good Friday and how Christ died for our sins. "How lucky are we" I said.  I then explained how on this very day Jesus rose from the dead and is seated at the Right Hand of God. "Jesus is so awesome!" Oh the things you say to make a story interested to a baby. Haha!

Easter Day

This picture, with Cali's paw on Trace's head, is by far my favorite! They adore each other :)

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

I'm pretty sure Trace didn't look at the camera for any pictures on Easter day, but you know what? He's a b.a.b.y and that's okay! The back of his head is pretty darn cute anyway... And he's only played with the toys that he got on Easter and hasn't touched any of his old toys since. Haha! I think he's safe to say that he's a big fan of holidays and the next major one to celebrate will be his 1st birthday in June! 


  1. He is such a stud!! What a great Easter you had.

  2. Looks like you guys had such a wonderful day! We have the same wagon but just the basic version...Trace is going to be ridin in style in that one!
    Andrew got the same jammies in his Easter basket....great minds think alike!! And, that little remedies Tylenol has been a life saver through what feels like never ending teething!!

  3. Glad you guys had a wonderful first Easter with Trace - he looked so cute in all of his little pastel outfits:) Such a stylish little man. Also love that you took the time to explain the real meaning of Easter to him. Don't stop, Mama! That is so important - love it!:)

  4. HOW AWESOME! You'll have to go check out my Easter post. Next year will be even more fun!! No basket for Cali?? :(( LOL! My Mom made Buddy one, but didn't.
    Shelby got that Radio Flyer for her 1st birthday, but it doesn't have the backs.

  5. Trace is absolutely adorable! Loving his Easter outfit! That is one "sharp dressed little man"! Such a fun weekend!!! Xx

  6. Soo cute! Love the family pics and his sweet little outfit!! I love how big Easter is in your household! Love that wagon! I will need to keep an eye out for it - do you happen to know where they got it?
    Can't believe how big Trace is!!


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