Wednesday, April 9, 2014

39 weeks and 5 days: trace jameson in and out

Photo quality shows the difference between a "normal" camera and a dslr. Crazy!

I don't think I ever said this on the blog before, but while pregnant I gained 29 lbs.
Every single pound was worth it, knowing that Trace was growing healthy and strong.
He was a full term baby, being born just 2 days shy of my due date.
He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. and was 21 inches long.

It's so hard to believe that Trace has been in the outside world for just as long as he was inside me.
He's currently weighing in at 18 lbs 14 oz and is 29.25 inches long -- biggy boy!

I'm happy to report that with A LOT of hard work I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight.
40 weeks on. 40 weeks off was true for me.
Now it's time to tone up this flab and do it all over again...
Trace wants to be a big brother someday, but not anytime too soon!


  1. you look GREAT! and Trace is such a handsome little man. :)

  2. Love this, how cute are BOTH of you?!!

  3. You look fabulous Kate!!! Seriously! ;) So crazy how time flies, he gets cuter and cuter every single post ;)

  4. you looked great pregnant! and you look great now! awesome job! i wish i had your willpower.

  5. YAY! CONGRATS! I just posted TODAY how I am OUNCES away from finally being below my pre-preggie weight. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS! You look incredible! :)

  6. You do look GREAT! I gained 29-lbs too.
    So funny.. tone up the flab and do it all over again. LOL!! :)

  7. Love this!! You look great- better start getting ready for your next one! :)

  8. Right there with you sweet girl - I gained 27 pounds with Caleb! And was only too happy to bid adieu to each and every one of them. With breastfeeding, I dropped down to 8-10 pounds lower than my normal prepregnancy weight pretty quickly. However, since we have started weaning so that we can be done breastfeeding at 12 months, I've picked them back up and am right back to where I started:( So, just like you, I am looking to tone and tighten now too!

  9. Hi Kate!

    You looked great pregnant and you've looked great since. So inspiring to have followed your journey. Now that I'm pregnant with my little girl I'm referring back to your blog a lot! So thankful for real life mama's like you who don't shy away from the truth of pregnancy and having a newborn/infant etc. Trace is so handsome! Thanks Liz @

  10. I forgot how cute you were preg my friend!! You look great and will be toned in no time!

  11. Such a cool post. You look great and Trace is such a handsome boy!


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