Monday, February 18, 2013

my bizarre pregnancy findings

I'm officially over the halfway hump of my pregnancy, and there are SO many things that I have experienced or come across that no one told me about. Why had I never heard these things through the grape vine, I'm not sure... or maybe it's just that I'm an idiot and everyone, but me, knows these things already. Regardless, today I'd like to share my random prego findings...

Morning Sickness Ends when 1st Trimester Ends
This is a big fat lie! Each woman is different, but I can tell you that I was still throwing up a good 1 month into my 2nd trimester. I even vomited during my 20th week of pregnancy. No bueno.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter
You can use it when you're NOT pregnant, it's the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used and best yet... it smells like chocolate! Who knew?

Preggo Jeans
These don't have a zipper or button. You might know this already, but it was a huge revelation to me. I swear that I'm going to buy my "normal" size once I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and rock the sh!t out of them because they don't dig into your stomach when you sit down... I love the concept now and I'm sure I'd love it when not pregnant too, haha!

Target Preggo Tank Tops
They are ubber stretchy, don't have ruching and can easily be worn when not pregnant

Drinking Diet Sprite with a splash of Cran while in a dark crowded room/bar with loud music will fool you into thinking you're actually drinking a real cocktail... without the hangover!

Anytime I go to pick Cali up off the ground and have my head down, I get so light headed I feel like I might fall over. Who knew this happens?

You Can't Eat...
I knew the regular stuff that you can't eat (or drink) while pregnant, but learned that you can't have a sunny-side-up egg, eggs benedict, salami, hot dogs or unpasterized soft cheeses (and since you don't know what a restaurant uses you can't eat salads with goat cheese or blue cheese in them)

1st Month of Pregnancy
If you're like me and you find out you're pregnant when you miss your period, you're actually 1 month pregnant at that time and only have 2 months left in the 1st trimester. This blew my mind when I realized it! But because of this you're actually pregnant for 10 months not the 9 months everyone talks about (This 10 month thing I knew already, but do any of you know why we talk about "9 months" all the time?)

Brushing Your Teeth
The tooth brush becomes a sneaky little gadget... It's a necessity for your hygiene, but during unexpected brushings it will make you throw up right there in your sink. There I said it. And I've done it. Many times. And without even feeling nauseous in the first place... it actually happened to me yesterday morning, out of the blue!

Broken Blood Vessels
The volume of plasma increases 40-50% and red blood cell mass 20-30% when pregnant and because of this increase I'm experiencing broken blood vessels on my upper chest/lower neck, collar bone and shoulders. It's a side affect I'd never heard of before...

2nd Trimester Energy Boost
Everything you read and everyone you come into contact with will tell you that you will feel your best and have the most energy in your 2nd trimester. While I was barfing my brains out in my 1st trimester I didn't believe a word of this nonsense, but I'm here to tell you that it's true! I have more energy at 21 weeks than I did before I was pregnant... it's weird and wonderful!

Feeling the Baby Kick
At first it feels like gas bubbles and you're confused. You've been told it's the most wonderful feeling in the world and feels unlike anything you've ever felt.... and then you feel it and it feels like... gas bubbles. What. A. Letdown! But don't fret, in a short amount of time it does start to feel very distinct and wonderful, just like everyone had told you it would. But initially, it's not all it's cracked up to be, and to be honest, I'm still weirded out by the feeling.

Growing Belly
Yes, we all know that our belly is going to grow, but I never really thought about what that belly would actually feel like. It's not a squishy, fatty stomach... it's totally different and it's making it hard for me to curl up in a tight ball on the couch and even to hug my husband tight.

What random things did you learn throughout your first half of pregnancy?


  1. This made me giggle! Specifically about the maternity jeans! Seriously. I wore mine for nearly 5 months after baby with my first because I wasn't ready to let go of how darn comfy they are! And seriously. 10 months of pregnancy! Why not just call it what it is?! You look adorable.. I love following along! It makes me want to be pregnant again.. Eeek! ;) Hope you and baby boy relax a bit!

  2. Such funny thoughts! I had huge issues brushing my teeth while pregnant my husband would stand around nervously every morning watching me lol and yes totally agree about pregnancy jeans BEST THING EVER!

  3. Ugh, the morning sickness "goes away" myth made me so mad! I was puking up until week 26. I even threw up on Christmas morning thanks to the darn toothbrush issue & that was almost 29 weeks! The ten month/nine month conspiracy makes me crazy too. I'm 9 months pregnant now & should have a sweet baby girl in my arms, but instead I still have 3 weeks to go! Why are people continuing to encourage this myth?!!?!?

  4. This is so funny. I have bought a maternity skirt before not knowing it was one and then put it on and that elastic was magic!!!

  5. This is the first post on pregnancy that didn't make me squirm! +1

  6. I have thought of buying pregnancy jeans and pants in the past, they look so comfortable and i am not pregnant! And this whole thing is just lovely, some of this stuff I never thought of! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ugh I'm totally scared about brushing my teeth when I'm pregnant. Haha. I gag now when I brush my teeth so this makes me super intrigued on what will happen!

    Hope everything is ok!

  8. Love this! :) And hope everything's ok with you and the little one!!

  9. Hi! Such a cute post and it was like I was pregnant all over again reading your post. I wished I would have embraced my pregnancy more but it being my first I was always thinking about what I was feeling, wondering if it was normal and dealing with the change in my growing belly... The in between stages of you knowing you are pregnant but no one else can tell. Either way, if I have a second child I will definitely embrace it more!

    Oh and just wait... the hiccups from the little bean. I will never forget that feeling. My little one had the hiccups ALL.THE.TIME.

    Have a wonderful pregnant day!


  10. Love that you posted this!! There are so many things people don't tell you about pregnancy, they make it seem all glam and gorgeous and wonderful. Thanks for keeping it real. Gotta remember all this for the future ;)
    So sorry about the stress little boy and you are having, or had. Hope you are doing ok, and make sure you take it easy lady!!!

  11. I rocked the maternity pants for well over a year after Lucas was born! Everyone told me that the weight would fall right off me, and it totally didn't. I didn't do the full panel ones but the ones with just barely any stretchy top to it and was happy I did! After his first birthday I decided it was time to try to lose the rest of the weight, and it still hasn't all come off too, no matter how much I try!

  12. I have had so many friends rave about how comfy preggo jeans are! Makes me want some just for the heck of it!

  13. haha i LOVE this post. Its so cute and funny! I know exactly how you feel! Im 18 weeks, first pregnancy.
    Preggo jeans and tops are amazing. so comfy. So many people complain about them but I love them lol. Throwing up from the taste of toothpaste sucks. I had horrible/severe morning sickness until I was around 13-14 weeks. I "THINK" Im feeling the baby kick for the first few times last night and right now actually. Its like bubbles that pop in your lower tummy. lol.

  14. I am a total lover of maternity jeans! I still miss them everytime I put on my regular jeans and I have a 6 month old :) Hope you and your little one are feeling better and I can't wait to read more about your journey when you are ready to share again.

  15. AMEN to it all! I'll be 23 weeks on Wednesday and I for sure was still puking well into the 19-20th weeks. AWFUL...but NOW, I feel awesome and better than I have in at least 5 months! And the kicks....incredible!! They get stronger by the day!

    Are you having a boy or girl?

  16. So true about the ten months and also that 20 weeks does not really mean you are five months...I count on my fingers all the time! Cute post! I'm a few days over the halfway point, feels good to be halfway done!!


  17. I've been following your blog for a while now and let me tell you pregnancy is just FULLLL of surprises! I had bloody noses up until about a week before I had my daughter and no one warned me about it! You look great! :)

  18. OKay, so I just love this post. What a cute, fun idea for a post! And you are going to be the most precious mom! Can't wait to hear more!

  19. Thank you for this post!! I am 13 weeks today and have been thinking about many of these things!! I am still waiting for the energy boost, that's for sure! The other thing I've been noticing about brushing my teeth is how sensitive my gums are. They get irritated so easily!!

  20. I thought the soft cheese thing was true but it is if they aren't pasturized.
    What they don't tell you is that it's a law here in the USA that all cheeses used in restaurants have to be.
    As for the ones you buy in the store, look at the label and as long as it says pasturized milk you're good to go.
    I learned this in my 3rd trimester and I'm glad I did b/c it kept me from gaining a thousand pounds on the front end!

  21. My girlfriend told me the other day that I should be cutting back on the feta here (we're in Germany, nothing is pasteurized .. even the milk and cheese is on a shelf rather than in a fridge at the grocery store, it's weird!!) and she broke my heart. I'm having wicked feta and green olive cravings!

  22. Well you can have a period and be pregnant. I had a period (long and normal) in January and the Monday after the super bowl I felt weird and had a spotty period the weekend before. My friend convinced me to test. I went from pregnant to see my baby's heart beat in 3 days.

    You can spot throughout your entire first trimester and it freaks you out.

    I feel like I am constantly hungover. I don't puke though.

    I can feel my uterus stretching, very weird.

  23. i am totally wearing maternity tank tops on a daily basis because they are longer then regular tanks! love them! my son is 6 months old. also, i remember, when i sneezed or laughed a lot, i would have to cross my legs so i didnt pee a little. ha ha ha. it happened once, and after that i was like oh! cross legs then sneeze. you look great! congrats!

  24. I so wish it socially acceptable to wear ONLY maternity jeans. I love my demi panel pair from Gap!!

  25. A tip for brushing your teeth? While pregnant I read on a site for expecting moms to use children's tooth paste and it helped ENORMOUSLY with the gagging! Not sure why, but it did. Only downside was my teeth didn't feel their normal squeaky clean after brushing (could have been in my head) but listerine helped.

  26. Brushing my teeth is one thing that I'm so happy I've gotten back since having my little man. I literally puked every. single. time I brushed my teeth while I was pregnant!

    Ugh...and morning sickness is never just MORNING sickness either! Morning, afternoon, evening, night...whenever it wants to pop up is more like it!!

  27. Thanks for the recap. I'm just starting out (5 weeks) so it's fun to read what's to come :)

  28. Haha!! I love many of them I experienced too!! I am a HUGE gum chewer but ever since I got pregnant I can't chew gum because the mint flavor is too big and it really drys my mouth out. And I am in LOVE with maternity jeans (cute ones of course) I don't think I want to stop wearing them. Target tank tops are the best! I have all the colors :)


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