Friday, January 18, 2013

rewind to 1st trimester

not sure why I look so tan because I hadn't see the sun since August

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: ???

Feeling: I felt absolutely horrible throughout the entire 1st trimester. I was nauseous every second of the day and threw-up the majority of most, sometimes 5 times a day. My ob prescribed me Zolfran, but I experienced a painful side affect to it, that had me crying to my phone nurse more than once, so I only took it twice/week. I experienced a lack of energy on top of the nausea, which turned me into a miserable, whiney complainer. I had no energy to cook dinner, to spend time with friends or to go out on date nights with Bryan... Plus I was sick morning, noon, night and even when I would roll over in bed in the middle of the night... sick! I would equate it to constant car sickness OR a constant hangover for 2 months straight. Saltines were my best friend -- I even had a pack of them on my nightstand to snack on in the middle of the night or before I got out of bed in the morning. Trust me, there was no "bliss" or "glow" during my 1st trimester experience :)

Food Cravings: None. I could only stomach bland and salty carbs (saltines, pasta w/ butter, english muffins, cinnamon raison toast, rice, etc.), greek yogurt, red apples, pizza, carbonated flavored water, ginger ale and peanut butter

Food Aversions: Meat, juice (orange, apple, mango), water, sweets, anything from a restaurant, chicken tenders, soup, garlic, citrus, coffee, salad, vegetables, ranch dressing, green apples, cheese, anything strong smelling or spicy... and the list goes on and on

Random: I didn't miss red wine at all. I really thought I would, but the thought of alcohol made my stomach turn. And funny enough, just days before I found out I was pregnant I opened a bottle of wine, one of which I drink often... I threw the whole thing down the drain, something I never do... because I thought it was a "bad" bottle. Turns out that was my first obvious clue that I was pregnant...

Clothes: All of my clothes fit and although everyone told me I looked the same, I could see my body filling out and feel my clothes fitting more snug around my wasteline. I was always feeling so nauseous and sluggish that I spent most of my free time in sweats, yoga pants and loose tops/sweatshirts. I essentially, looked like death all fall and Bryan was such a trooper about it!

Weight Gain: I've thought this through many times and have decided that, for many reasons, I don't plan to document my weight gain. I don't think it's appropriate for me to do so publicly, as I feel gaining weight while pregnant is a beautiful thing... you're housing and growing a human being... and it shouldn't be compared to others, gawked at, commended or frowned down upon. But for curious minds I will share that I gained 3 lbs. throughout the 1st trimester, all of which went straight to my lower belly.

Sleep: Sleep came easy... I was always exhausted! I never woke up throughout the night and I had very vivid dreams around weeks 5-8... I loved those crazy dreams!

Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, bloating, fatigue, breat tenderness, enhanced smell, acne and food aversions

Best Moments: Finding out I was pregnant. Telling Bryan we were expecting. Seeing our tiny baby at 6 weeks. Telling our parents that we were expecting. Confirming at 12 weeks that we were in the safe zone by seeing our little one for a beautiful 40 minutes

Memorable Moments: Cali resting with me daily and instictually laying on my belly. Driving home from Thanksgiving in PA (vomiting out the car door on the shoulder of the interstate). Deciding on names. Researching maternity clothes. Christmas with both sets of "grandparents to be" (they didn't come out because I was pregnant, it just worked out best for them to come here instead of us flying to CA this year)

Final Thoughts: Although my 1st trimester experience wasn't a blissful one, knowing that my baby was healthy and safe inside me made it all worth it! I'd go through it all again in a heartbeat... Just my 1st of many sacrafices for my precious little one!


*** I want to quickly touch upon my last post -- I feel as if I mistakenly mislead some of you to believe that Bryan and I struggled with infertility. That was not the case at all and I don't want to take anything away from those who have/do. Bryan and I were very lucky and didn't "try" as long as some of you seem to worry we did. Thank you for your kind thoughts, comments and personal e-mails on the subject though :)


  1. I see a bump! you are going to be a beautiful prego!

  2. I bet you're having a girl!! :) just a hunch! :)

  3. looking gorgeous and simply glowing momma! xo

  4. The red wine story is pretty funny!! So sorry you were sick for so long! Would love to know how you told both sets of parents :)

  5. you look beautiful dear you've got that glow ;)

    oh, our lovely zolfran side effects--OUCH!!

    i am SO happy we're going through this all at the same fun!!


  6. Ugh - morning sickness sounds awful. However, I have heard that the sicker you feel, the healthier the pregnancy so I guess that's the silver lining. Glad you didn't have to struggle with infertility! It's a beating.I'm sure your 2nd and 3rd will bring "the glow" after all that nausea subsides.

  7. I do not miss the nausea! I'm telling you, if I was as sick with the others and I was with this one, I dont know that I couldve done it again. Although you do forget about all of the crappy stuff because having babies is so amazing!

  8. oh no! that is one thing i be nauseaous all day every day. being hungover or have the flu is the worst feeling ever! and to have that for months, cannot even imagine. but like you said...your baby is healthy and that is what matters. you are past that yucky feeling and moving closer to meeting this little girl or boy. :) such an exciting time for you and Bryan!! :)

  9. You also pawned saltines off me when driving together :). Here's hoping you stop barfing by 3rd trimester. And your bump is bigger in pics than in person so convinced you are pushing it out haha!

  10. Loved reading this! You sound just over the moon - cheers!!

  11. Aw I loved this post!!! I like that you're not putting much emphasis on the weight gain as many ladies often do. I'm looking forward to more updates! Keep them coming :) Also, thanks again for your sweet emails :)

  12. P.s. I say BOY! Do you already know? When will you tell us? :)

  13. You're pregnancy so far sounds very similar to my pregnancies with my girls. Congratulations by the way!

  14. Hope the whole sickness thing subsides soon. You are going to be such a good mommy. What a cute tiny bump.

  15. Hope the whole sickness thing subsides soon. You are going to be such a good mommy. What a cute tiny bump.

  16. how did i miss this yesterday?!?!

    i love this post!! i hope you are gonna do it every week. i am obsessed with how you aren't obsessing over the baby weight. you said it best...gaining the baby weight IS a beautiful thing. keep all those maternity notes for the far, far future.

    hope this sickness goes away. i swear reading that was just like reading about my girlfriend's pregnancy last year. she was sick the entire 9 months. i hope you are out of the sick stage soon friend!

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  18. This fellow Cali girl is so happy for you and Bryan! Can't wait to follow along on your pregnancy journey.

    Hey, if you were able to eat pizza AND peanut butter during your first trimester, I consider that a win! But seriously, I'm sorry that you had a tough 1st trimester. I hope the next two are WAY better!


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