Monday, September 10, 2012

an insiders view

Last week the Democratic National Convention took over Charlotte.
Although our political affiliation lies elsewhere, Bryan and I chose to put politics aside to be part of this historic event in our great little city.
We were up every morning at 3:30am, were downtown by 4:45am and working by 5:30am. 
We watched the sunrise each morning and hung around after work a bit to take in the madness.
Each day we arrived home exhausted and sore at around 3:30pm and went to sleep at 8:00pm nightly.
To say that we had a great experience being in the thick of things is an understatement.
It was truly a fantastic learning experience and so fun to be in the epicenter of the DNC!

The magnificent button wall was my baby... That hot glue gun and I became the best of friends!

The Epicenter was taken over by MSNBC and CNN

Kicking off my mornings with my cup of Joe!

Secretary of State - Madeleine Albright

 LMFAO - Redfoo (possible look-alike) stretching, doing lines and yoga in the middle of the street

 Secret Service vehicles parking/waiting outside the Marriott (dark because it's 4:45am)

Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue, waiting to go live

Jesse Jackson and David Gregory

So many road closures, police and black tinted SUV's everywhere you looked

Walking the streets and inside The EpiCenter, I saw:

Gerlado Rivera
Soledad O'Brien
Andrea Mitchell
Gov. of NC
Jeff Bridges
Chris Matthews
Rev. Al Sharpton
Madeline Albright
Savannah Guthrie
Mika Brzezinski
Jesse Jackson
Willie Geist
Paul Mitchell
Melissa Harris-Perry
Tom Brokaw
Ross Matthews

Because this is my job, I'm refraining from discussing specifics... although I have so many details/gossip that I'd love to share, haha!!


  1. that guy you're blanking on is David Gregory, NBC's Meet The Press dude.

  2. Thanks for sharing :) It looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. What a crazy schedule you had!! No matter anyone's political views, this would be an experience that would be worth putting that aside ;) I totally would. Love that you have gossip LOL You got the inside it!

  4. That's awesome. Sounds like an amazing experience.

    Wish you could share the gossip!


  5. We need to schedule another blogger dinner so I can get the scoop!!
    Especially if you were around the morning that Brokaw was taken to the hospital!

  6. since I live in southpark - I was able to semi-avoid the DNC madness even though I did want to go! I work for a media company but work was crazy for us last week so I wasn't able to go! looks like it was crazy!

    hope you have a great week!

  7. Your job truly looks so exciting! I love it. :)

  8. Oh Jeff bridges, why do you have to be one of them...

  9. wow what craziness and even though your political desires like elsewhere, mine do too, it is still cool to be a part of the convention and see all of those political people just walking around. i would have gone nuts and acted like i had just seen a celebrity, and yes i am a bit of a political nut

  10. You're such a tease! :) I'd love to know the gossip... but obviously I get why you can't share. Looks like it was fun either way!

  11. Wow that seems like it was quite the experience! I would of LOVED to be there!


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