Friday, September 28, 2012

are you sure it's fall?

 Yesterday afternoon Bryan and I decided to take advantage of our beautiful fall weather, so I made us a lite lunch and we headed to the lake... which is conveniently 1/2 mile from our house. Cali loves to swim and fetch sticks, and considering how we don't know how much longer the water will be this warm, I brought my camera to capture the memory of this day!

 How cute is our picnic bench? 
And how cute is my wet rat below?!

Cali not only swam like a little fish, but she decided to roll around in the sand several times. She was such a mess that she had to go straight into the bath tub once we got home. Small fry was not a happy camper and tried to escape several times...

 It's days like these that reconfirm why we moved to a lake and remind me why I love having weekdays off of work! But the party's almost over...


  1. Ummm I's definitely not fall here in TX either!! That lake is gorgeous!! We don't have ANY that look like that around these parts!!

    Stop being so pretty! ;)

  2. The lil' furbaby's do not like bath time. I have figured that out quite quickly with our new lil boy! cali is such a cutie!

  3. Yes, it's suppose to cool off this weekend.
    I actually wore a dress today that I know I won't be able to wear once it gets cool.
    Gotta get my wear out of some of these maternity clothes I spent $$ on!

  4. So nice!! I wish I lived at the lake! It's definitely fall up here in Maine. Today is an ugly, rainy day and it's only about 55 degrees! :(

  5. Seriously love your pup! I wish my yorkie would swim like that! He likes water but not enough to go right into it

  6. you make going to the lake look so good!!! where did you get your shorts? i have the hardest time finding shorts to fit my long legs that dont look like coochie cutters. share the love girlfran! :-)

  7. Whitney killed me with that comment! "coochie cutters"

    Moving along... CALI! Still the most adorable-st pup I know! Please send her on a mini vacay here in the Bahamas. I'll take good care of her I promise!

    Enjoy fall for me. We have all around summer, even in December. I pray that we at least drop to a 70!


  8. love days like this! so relaxing just spending time outside with family.

  9. Its still hot and dry here..hope the weather will change soon..Amazing pics.

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  10. Another reason why I want to move to NC...beautiful lakes!!

  11. oh, wow! you are so beautiful )


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