Tuesday, July 14, 2015

father son snaps

I think it's safe to say that I'm not the mom who hides behind the camera. 
I once heard an adult friend say that they have no pictures of them with their mom when they were little because she was either taking the pictures or hiding from the lens. 
It saddened them not to have tangible memories with their mom.
So I've taken that to heart and love both making memories and capturing memories.
But some of the most special moments are between the boys of the house.
I sure love a candid and have been fortunate to have snuck in some good ones with my phone...


I went to take a picture of Landon's 1st trip to Target - because doesn't every modern mom document this monumental moment? After I got home, I looked back at the picture and saw that I accidentally caught the sweetest hug in the background. Gaaaaah, Bryan is SUCH a good dad!

Trace loves to help, and we really talk up what a great helper he is. I'm pretty sure this load of dirt and mulch took at least 20 minutes to get about 30 feet away, but tiny legs can only move so fast when pushing a wheelbarrow :)

A post splash pad family stroll around Birkdale Vilage happens at least twice a week this summer. Shirts are optional.

Too cool Trace heading to the pool with Bryan, while I was at home on a great team conference call and juggling a fussy baby 

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