Thursday, July 9, 2015

a life of freedom

I still can't get this image from my trip to DC out of my mind.
This is my girl friend's QUARTERLY BONUS!
Not her monthly or yearly salary, but the bonus she earned last quarter simply from blessing others with the same opportunity that she's been given.
Guys, her husband is a marine.
She had 3 kids in 3 years.
I've been friends with her for about 8 years and I say that she is easily the nicest person I've ever met and deserves everything coming her way!

So get this --- EVERY Monday her and her husband get together and pick a new charity to donate to (on top of the charities that they donate to monthly).
They not only have used this opportunity to create financial freedom within their family, but more than anything, they now have the freedom to live a life of service and contribution!
I thank God everyday for her coming into my life and for sharing this gift with me so that Bryan and I can follow the path she's set out for us with such grace and honor.

(Laura & I at a Brad Paisley concert in San Diego back in 2008)

If you received $35k as your quarterly bonus how would you spend it?

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