Monday, June 1, 2015

landon's newborn pictures

Can we just talk about how obsessed I am with Landon's newborn pictures? Lord knows they did not go as planned, I had not envisioned my boys being shirtless or Trace having his fingers in his mouth.... but oh my word, if that isn't my favorite family picture of all time!!

And Landon - Lets chat about how absolutely stunning this child is! I still can't believe that Bryan and I created such a beautiful baby. And he's so incredibly good too. Like, I thought Trace was good, but apparently he wasn't (lol!) because Landon is soooooo much easier than Trace ever was at this stage!

Trace is the best big brother! It took a couple of weeks, but boy is he used to having his brother around now. Being exactly 21.5 months apart, I can't wait to watch them grow up together. They have no other choice but to be the best of friends.... because that's why I had them... to entertain each other, haha!!

There's nothing like a father and son and although this was Landon's shoot, it basically turned into a chaotic family photo session because none of the little people were cooperating ;)

I've been told time and time again that the baby of the family never has any pictures alone with their parents (I'm the baby, so I get it) -- I'm determined to give Landon his fair share of memories with just Bryan and I that aren't shared with his dynamic older brother

And ps. Landon's 8 weeks old today so these pics are waaaaaay overdue!


  1. he is precious and his baby announcement picture he looks soooo much like trace in his newborn pictures. can't wait to meet the little one. :)

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