Thursday, March 19, 2015

bump update - 36 weeks - round 2

Due Date: April 13, 2015 

Scheduled C-Section: April 6, 2015 (but we're thinking he might come earlier, eek!)

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Movement is really slowing down. I get some very large rolling movements and little flutters super low (think jazz hands!)

Feeling: Like this is the calm before the storm and I'm soaking in every minute of how easy life is

Food Cravings: lemon protein bars

Food Aversions: fish

Clothes: I'm so thankful that the weather is warming up and that I can wear some of the stuff I wore during my last pregnancy. Long maxi dresses with sweaters, tank tops and work out pants, etc. It's so nice not having to squeeze into jeans all of the time anymore! And flip flops!! Boy and I thankful for flips flops. I'm not very swollen, but getting boots on and off is getting to be challenging with my belly in the way, haha!!

Stretch Marks: Nope, but I am carrying much more in my stomach this time and am more concerned about stretch marks than ever before. Lathering on everything I have!

Sleep: I've been sleeping so wonderfully, but just a few nights ago I started to sleep awful. Just awful! I'm tossing and turning, which is basically a 3-point-turn just for me to roll over. I moan and groan every time because my hips and sides ache from all of the weight of my belly pulling downward onto the bed. I have a body pillow, but it's basically worthless.

Symptoms: Heartburn after I eat acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes

What I Miss: Being able to get up off the couch without my knees cracking, being able to carry Trace upstairs without it being a struggle and not having to pee every 30 minutes

Best Moment: My baby shower! Oh my word was it beyond perfect!! The girls who came are all my closest of friends. We laughed so hard, had fun conversations and I just really enjoyed having them all in the same place at the same time, which never happens. Truly blessed to have found such incredible friends out here in NC... funny enough, 3 of them are Californians ;)

Memorable Moment: Thanks to our generous parents who love both of their grandchildren so much -- Bryan's parents gifted Trace his new toddler/big boy bed from IKEA and my parents gifted Trace's new Pottery Barn big-boy bedding as well as hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from amazon/Pottery Barn for little brother. My kids are loved, that's for sure!! But it's hard to imagine that I just filled my amazon cart with even more necessities for little brother! Even when you think you have it all already, it's incredible how much you still need for your second child. It's so fun getting everything in, putting everything together and decorating their rooms. Getting very anxious to meet this little guy and introduce him to the worlds best big brother!

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